PSW PASS Meet Write Up

Congratulations to our 52 swimmers who compete at our first PASS meet this year! Thank you to the parents who helped volunteering and to our coaches, Coach Juliette, Coach Nicole, Coach Kayla, Coach Veryna, and Coach Esther, for their amazing work!

The meet started off with some spectacular swims in the 100IM and 200IM.  Laraine stood out in her 100IM by having the fastest arms in the pool, while Noah and Edward were battling to the finish in freestyle. Hunar and Yuhna also had very strong swims!

200IM was the most exciting to watch! A big shout out to Elle, Max, Tony, Laurence, Sarina, Tian, Jasmeen, and Sienna for achieving their LMR standard of under 4:00 minutes in the 200IM. They can now attend LMR meets, great work!

The Surrey Knights really stood out in the 50 backstroke because of their fast flutter kick and streamlines off the walls. Max, Neo, Ryan Li, Adrian, Ryan Z., and Rhea were the swimmers who stood out the most!

Our last race of the day was 100 freestyle! Gurmeya started and finished her race super strong! Roy’s arms were moving so fast that the coaches couldn’t believe their eyes. Standouts in 100 freestyle included Soriyah, Sienna, Esha, Nichelle, Amanat, and Damian!

It was a hard decision to see who would win the Skittles cup, but ultimately, we looked at not only effort, but attitude and behaviour as well. Those who were cheering for their team mates and helping each other out stood out amongst anyone else.

Kicking off our first Skittles cup winners for this year went to Esha and Max!

Notable mentions included Guilia, Elle, Jasmeen, Puneet, Neo, and Tian. Congratulations to all the swimmers!

We hope you have a great time at our first PASS meet and we are excited for many more to come!