COBRA Swim Club Recognizes Excellence at Annual Awards Banquet

COBRA Swim Club Recognizes Excellence at Annual Awards Banquet

Brampton’s COBRA Swim Club celebrated the amazing achievements of the club’s swimmers on October 14, 2018.   

Swimmers, parents, coaches and special guests gathered together at the Millennium Gardens Banquet Centre to celebrate the achievements made in the 2017-2018 swim season. 

The special guests in attendance included, 1992 and 1996 Olympian and Olympic Bronze medalist and  COBRA alumnus Stephen Clarke,  Peel Police Inspector Dawn Orr (Guest Speaker), 2000 Olympian, COBRA alumnus, Rob Taylor, Naomi and Brian Bacon (presenters for the Greg Bacon Memorial Award), Canadian Master Level 5 Official, Jeff Holmes, City Councillor Jeff Bowman, and representatives from the City of Brampton and Boys and Girls Club of Peel. 

Operations Manager, Kim Inglis-Clarke, was the MC again this year. She motivated everyone in the room with her sparking personality and contagious energy. 

 “Being a competitive swimmer with COBRA Swim Club helped me to become who I am today”. In essence, this is the message that Inspector Dawn Orr conveyed as she reflected upon her time as a competitive swimmer with COBRA Swim Club in her youth. She was the first swimmer in COBRA Swim Club to qualify for finals at Canadian Nationals. She reflected upon those memories fondly and made us laugh with her recollection of stealing the lime light with her ‘false starts’.  The discipline Inspector Dawn learned through her years in competitive swimming with COBRA Swim Club, helped her as an adult to achieve another ‘first’: She was the first woman in in the Peel Police tactical unit. She is still a member of COBRA swim club as a Masters Swimmer with the club.

Hard work and dedication to the sport of swimming was recognized through numerous awards as follows:

The John Fenton award was presented to Bob Albertfor his incredible volunteer work at COBRA.

The Distance Awardwent to Dilpreet Bhambra. Coach Ulf explained that Dilpreet told him last season that she was a sprinter, not a distance swimmer. He encouraged her to swim the 1500 free and she qualified for Canada Junior Championships! 

The Greg Bacon Memorial Award was presented to Syed Abdullah Hussain who was the COBRA athlete selected asthe swimmer who is themost spirited, humorous, courageous, gregarious, dedicated, determined and stoic.Before this award was presented, Naomi Bacon (Greg Bacon’s mom), spoke about how thankful she was for COBRA swim club being there as support for her family, especially her daughter, after her son’s passing. 

The Spirit Award was presented to Amelia Peron.Coach Ian explained that Amelia was determined to teach swimming lessons even though she was not technically working as a JSC instructor. Her enthusiasm for helping others captures the true spirit of COBRA swim club!

Stephen Clarke Performance Award was presented to Barstow Nyhofand McKenna Spurrell, the male and female swimmers that achieved the highest score according to the world LC performance charts.

10 years of service volunteer pin: James Ahola, Louise Barton, Steve Cabraja, Simon Beals, Tanya Collier, Rob Glysz and Jeff Kennedy


The Most Improved Award:  

Squad 1 - Barstow Nyhof, Dilpreet Bhambra

Squad 2 - Patrick Volpe, Natasha Gilchrist

Squad 3 – Franco Mejia Batres, Simrit Grewal

Squad 4 - Cale Spurrell, Auralie Reed

Squad 5 - Kushal Kemkar, Scarlytt Vande Vooren

OWG - Lynden Thomas, Milani Gonzalez

OWS – Charlie Keenes, Taylor Rice


The Most Dedicated Award:  

Squad 1 – Trevor Fitzpatrick, Chelsea Uusitalo

Squad 2 – Sebastian Jurkiewicz, Cathryn Peron

Squad 3 – Dylan Ashley, Lucy Liu

Squad 4 – Jack Wang, Zoelina Meads

Squad 5 - Etienne Couturier-Jack, Emma Cai

OWG – David Pires-Martins, Angela Atienza

OWS – Kenny Luu, Tanisha Dhillon


COBRA Club Record Setters 2017-2018:

Jacob Stojanovic – Boys 11 & 12: 50 Back SC/LC, 100 Back SC/LC, 50 Fly SC/LC, 50 Free LC (5 times!), 100 Free LC (twice!), 200 Free LC (4 times!), 100 Fly LC (3 times!), 200 IM LC (twice!)

Barstow Nyhof – Boys 15 & 16: 50 Breast SC, 200 Breast SC/LC

Riya Chong Ling – Girls 13 & 14: 50 Fly LC

Jack Wang – Boys 10 & under: 50 Breast LC (twice!), 200 Breast LC


COBRA Olympic Way Record Setters 2017-2018:

Owen Clarke – Boys 8 & under: 50 Free LC, 100 Free LC, 50 Fly LC 

Damon Armorer – Boys 9 & 10: 50 Breast LC

Angela Atienza – Girls 9 & 10: 50 Free LC


There were dozens of Championship Qualifiers for the 2017-2018 season.  The highest achievers were:

World Para-swimming Series, Para Pan Pacific Championships:Matthew Cabraja

Canadian Swimming Trials:Kylie Collier, Barstow Nyhof, Matthew Cabraja

Canadian Junior Championship Qualifiers: Barstow Nyhof, Kylie Collier, Trevor Fitzpatrick, Christopher Fox, Syed Abdullah Hussain, Pablo Ortiz, Tristan Walker, McKenna Spurrell, Riya Chong Ling, Noah Rogozynski, Faith MacQueen, Dilpreet Bhambra

Eastern Canadian Championship Qualifiers:Barstow Nyhof, Kylie Collier, Trevor Fitzpatrick, Christopher Fox, Syed Abdullah Hussain, Pablo Ortiz, Tristan Walker, Faith MacQueen, Victoria Cabraja, Noah Rogozynski, Shailyn MacQueen, Jordan Sedore, Riya Chong Ling, Melissa LeBlonc, Dilpreet Bhambra, McKenna Spurrell


Special Achievement Awards:

Jacob Stojanovic for breaking the‘Boys 11 & 12’ 50 back LC Provincial Recordin June 2018! He was also selected to be part of the 2018 Swim Ontario Youth Team.

Matthew Cabrajafor his incredible achievements in the 2018 World Para-Swimming Series and 2018 Para Pan Pacific Championships. 

The swimmers who at the end of the 2017-2018 season recorded a time which is recognized to be in the TOP 25 in Canada were:

Connor Beals, Dilpreet Bhambra, Victoria Cabraja, Riya Chong Ling, Kylie Collier, Madhi El-Sayed, Christopher Fox, Cierra Glysz, Simrit Grewal, Syed Abdullah Hussain, Melissa LeBlonc, Zoelina Meads, Franco Mejia Batres, Barstow Nyhof, Pablo Ortiz, Praim Ramlochan, Noah Rogozynski, Jordan Sedore, Danai Sisouphanh, McKenna Spurrell, Jacob Stojanovic, Jayden Vande Vooren, Alexandra Vieira, Jack Wang, Mikayla Zucchet

10 Year Recipients: Pablo Ortiz & Kylie Collier

Congratulations to all of COBRA swim club’s award recipients!  


- Submitted by Lisa LeBlonc