SFU/SFA LMR Meet Write Up
Last weekend, the Knights of Surrey brought a young and vibrant group of 38 competitors eager to test their ware in the SFU pool.
The meet started both days with the 200 IM. This event is an important event as it goes through all four storkes.  To qualify for Age Group Provincials, all swimmers need to qualify in the 200IM. The reason for this is to promote the development of all strokes and prevent early specialization as recommended by the Long Term Athlete Development program.  Celina, Channiel and Roc qualified for the first time in their career for Age Group Provincials in this event! Many others got so close to the qualifying time that they can smell it! It’s only a matter of time as they’re training very well. In the 12&O session Patrick, Ashton, Duniya, and Alex saw big improvements in their 200IM as well.
The energy our swimmers brought on deck was fantastic! We saw many of our Knights cheering on their mates to help them find extra energy to out touch their competitors.
Although we had a lot of successes, we also had experiences where our success will be measured with how much of the lesson we take out of the experience. The road to excellence isn’t paved, it’s full of pebbles. It is these pebbles (the details in life) that help us raise the bar on ourselves so that we can make our best even better. Often swimmers would prefer brushing away their disappointments rather than owning them. When swimmers do that, they pay the price for the lesson without really taking the powerful gift contained in the lesson.  It’s important for coaches and parents to allow the kids to fully experience their disappointments and to help them to fully take ownership of their experiences.
Our deck area remained cleaned the whole weekend! The coaches were really proud of that, as our club stuck out in that regard.  As coaches we encourage the swimmers to stick out in their performances in the pool, and it’s great to see them taking the same pride out of the pool as well.
Ribbons up to Sunday morning are with the coaches and will be distributed this week. Sunday afternoon ribbons will be mailed to us and will be distributed once we receive them.
And finally, a big thank you to the many Knights’ parents who volunteered!  This was another area our program stuck out in and it was great to see the parental involvement.