Timer List Nov 3 meet


SHKS Timer List / Chelsea Piers Meet

  • Please note your spot. Thanks for helping!
  • 1st half Timers sign in when you get to pool then let Kurt know what lane you are in.
  • 2nd half Timers check with Kurt for lane and time. 



  • Cells at meet (text if running late, etc.)

Kurt: 814 769 0656

Rick: 203 912 9385


Sat, Nov 3 - Swim Meet at Chelsea Piers

13/over on deck: 6:45am

Timer 1st half: Jill Blomberg

Timer 2nd half: Luc Desyr

12/under on deck: 12:15pm

Timer 1st half: Charlie Ginste

Timer 2nd half: Amar Gada


Ings, Rajesh Haravde, Monika Szymanowicz