Florida High School has a unique set up.  The powers to be who run Florida HS sports think swimming should mirror all the other sports.  So we are divided into four divisions according to school size.  In most team sports that is important, but not in swimming, school size has little to do with individual performance.

Then we run a 'Championship Series'  where you swim Districts, Regions and then States. Teams are allowed to enter four swimmers per event, per gender for Districts.  Each Region has 3 districts, the top two finishers in each event and then the next 18 fastest swimmers from all 3 districts move on to Regions.

Each Division has 4 Regions.  The winner of each event automatically qualify for States and then the next 20 fastest swimmers.

4A is the Division with the schools with the largest population.  Our 4A schools locally are Riverview, Sarasota, Manatee, Lakewood Ranch, Northport.

3A local schools are Venice, Braden River, Palmetto,

2A local schools are Bayshore and Booker

1A local schools are Cardinal Mooney, Sarasota Christian, Out of Door, St. Stephens, Bradenton Christian and from St. Pete we have one swimmer at NE Christian.

This past weekend saw the District meet for 3A and 4A schools.

The 3A meet was held in Brandon and here are the following individual results.
200 free - Boys; Arik Katz 1:44.3[1st], Rene Strezenicky 1:46.1[2nd], Cole Firlie 1:48.7[3rd], Cole Kennedy 2:03.7[7th]

200 IM - Girls - Sarah Koenig 2:14.7[3rd]

50 free - Boys - Chasen Dubs 22.21[2nd], Ian Brann 22.23[3rd]

100 fly - Girls - Kristen Nutter 59.5[1st]

               Boys - Chasen Dubs 52.2[1st], Colton Frantz 59.0[3rd]

100 free - Boys - Rene Strezenicky 48.0[1st]

500 free - Girls - Payton Lewandrowski 5:24.5[7th]

                Boys - Arik Katz 4:38.7[1st], Cole Firlie 4:50.49[2nd], Cole Kennedy     5:24.0[7th]

100 back - Girls - Kristen Nutter 1:01.29[1st]

                 Boys - Ian Brann 54.8[1st]

100 breast - Girls - Sarah Koenig 1:08.1[1st]

                    Boys - Colton Frantz 1:05.4[4th]

All of these swimmers qualified to move on to Regions this Saturday.

In the 4A meet held in Clearwater our results were as follows
200 free - Girls - Keely Radloff 1:55.8[4th], Suzi Aguirre 2:00.5[12th], Molli Barron 2:01.9[14th]

                Boys - Xander Gardner 1:45.3[3rd], Ryan Opitz 1:48.7[5th], Bo Armer 1:50.2[8th], Frank Runge 1:50.7[10th],

200 IM - Girls - Emily Massengale 2:11.5[4th], Julia Brozozowski 2:16.8[11th], Sofiya  Gobora 2:19.0[12th], Phoebe Duval 2:19.86[13th]

               Boys - Jason Brzozowski 1:57.2[3rd], Ray Asmakis 2:06.8[11th], Ben Miller 2:07.3[12th], Winston Kirby 2:09.9[13th], Chance Phillips 2:17.4[15th]

50 Free - Boys - Jared Repassy 22.3[1st], Maciej Tadla 23.3[11th]

100 fly - Girls - Keely Redloff 59.1[2nd], Suzi Aguirre 1:00.6[7th]

              Boys - Sebastian Aguirre 51.6[1st], Sahil Agarwal 59.9[13th]

100 free - Girls - Katelyn Viera 55.1[3rd], Olivia Schwartz 55.9[9th], Lizzy Voronina 56.9[10th], Abbi Drapala 56.9[11th], Kathryn Gardner 1:00.8[16th]

               Boys - Xander Gardner 48.1[1st], Jared Repassy 49.6[4th], Maciej Tadla 50.6[8th]

500 free - Girls - Molli Barron 5:17.3[15th], Phoebe 5:28.8[16th]

               Boys - Jason Brzozowski 4:37.9[2nd], Dimiter Zafirov 4:38.8[3rd], Ryan Opitz 4:49.2[6th], Bo Armer 4:53.1[8th], Andrew bokelmann 4:55.0[9th], Frank Runge   4:55.4[10th], Ray Asmakis 4:58.4[12th]

100 back - Girls - Emily Massengale 58.6[2nd], Katelynn Viera 1:01.2[8th], Sofiya  Gobora 1:01.3[9th], Lizzy Voronina 1:04.1[13th]

                Boys - Sebastian Aguirre 55.2[4th], Andrew Bokelmann 59.2[7th], Sahil Agarwal 1:07.0[16th]

100 breast - Girls - Julian Brozozowski 1:09.4[5th], Olivia Schwartz 1:09.5[6th], Tori Bibler 1:14.9[12th], Abbi Drapala 1:15.9[14th]

                 Boys - Ben Miller 1:04.0[8th], Winston Kirby 1:07.9[14th]

In the State's four Divisions there is a total of 48 Districts and of those 48, our District in 4A is the fastest.  Because of that almost everyone of these swimmers, several who finished in 13th place, qualified for the Region Champs next Saturday.  In the Girls 500 yd. free, all top 16 finishers qualified for the Region Champs in that event.

This Saturday will be the District meet for the 1A and 2A schools and the Region meet for the 3A and 4A schools.

Congrats to all of our swimmers and all of the great swims this past Saturday.