Update from the Coaches + Info re Meets & Executive (Oct 29th)
  • Sat Nov 3rd, NT2 practice cancelled due to NovaTech Meet #1 that afternoon (AAA/others will practice as usual)
  • Sat Nov 10th + Sun Nov 11th, AAA+AA+NT2 practices cancelled due to AGD Meet #2 in Wolfville. We're planning to have a coach on deck for the Sun practice slot for any swimmers not at the AG meet who wish to train (e.g. Maintenance, other swimmers)
  • Mon Nov 12th, practice is cancelled due to Remembrance Day (PSP will be closed at 5 PM that day)
  • Sun Dec 16th, Shearwater PSP will be closing the pool for 3-6 weeks for maintenance + a small renovation (more info). We'll be in touch soon about our options for practicing elsewhere over the Christmas holiday.
We've had a great couple weeks, with more participation in the dryland training. We are now beginning to see some results from their hard work. The team has been pushing through on days that are not ideal. We have gone running in the cold and the snow already. And we spiked the farthest our team has ever gone from Shearwater Inn to the Salt Marsh Trail. We are working on Fitness and building our team.

Shout out goes to parents who helped us complete workouts either participating with us or providing transportation.

The heat in the pool has been turned on and we're now able to work out properly.

The younger swimmers have been working on their IM (individual medley: fly-back-breast-free) and the older group has been pushing their distance times.


Please contact your coaches if your child is unable to attend any of the following meets, and/or if your child can only attend certain days/sessions of any meet.
If you are able to officiate at any of these meets, please contact the person listed at each meet page below. In particular, the NovaTech Meet will be in need of Timers, Chief Timers and Senior Officials.
NovaTech Meet #1
Roster Groups: Bluefins, NovaTech 1 and NovaTech 2
Date: Sat Nov 3rd from 1:00 - 4:30 PM at Centennial Pool in Halifax (more info)

Age Group Development Meet #2
Roster Groups: AAA+AA
Date: Sat Nov 9th to Sun Nov 10th at Acadia in Wolfville (more info)

Top 16/AGD Invitational Meet (formerly Candy Cane Invitational)
Roster Groups: AAA+AA
Date: Fri Dec 14th to Sun Dec 16th In Truro (more info)
If you're planning to stay overnight at any of these meets, please make sure you've booked your rooms (more info).

See you at the pool!
Coaches Jay, Angela, Oleg
We would like to call a general parents meeting in November to ratify our club's new constitution and to complete the elections required of us since our incoming President stepped down in July. With that departure + the departure of some AAA families this season, there are now two Committee positions + one Executive position that need to be filled:
  • Vice-President (Executive Committee member with voting rights)
    Member of the Executive, part of the club's key decision-making body, provides support and assistance to the President in overseeing the operations of the club, helps to maintain contact and communication between the Executive and the parents.

  • Team Manager (Committee Chair, no voting rights)
    Maintains close and ongoing connection with the coaches to plan for all competitive meets throughout the season and to communicate regularly with parents about meet logistics and event participation. The position can be split between NovaTech and Age Group.

  • Co-Chair of Officials (Committee Chair, no voting rights)
    Works with Chair of Officials to develop and administrate all certified officials in our club, and to cultivate each official's moving up through the levels. With declining enrollment numbers in the sport, it is becoming increasingly important for each club to find and train up officials to work on deck at competitive meets.
Would any parent who is interested in any of these positions please contact Dustin at for more information?​
Some parents have also asked if we could call a general parents orientation meeting for those who are new to the sport of competitive swimming. At that meeting, we could also demonstrate the club's TeamUnify website and mobile app OnDeck. It is hoped that both of these meetings could be held at the same time, but we will be in touch shortly with more info.