Genesee Valley Swim League (GVSL) - 2018-19 Season

 Genesee Valley Swim League (GVSL) – 2018-19 Season

For the benefit of new families and a refresher, here is a brief explanation, specifically for GVSL meets. There are some upcoming GVSL meets in the next few months – scheduled dates are listed below.

There are some basic types of swim meets, explained on the website, in which the BlueFins participate:

  1. GVSL Meets
  2. Invitational Meets
  3. Niagara LSC Meets
  4. Zone and National Meets

Genesee Valley Swim League (GVSL)
The BlueFins belong to the Genesee Valley Swim League (GVSL) and swim in a number of meets throughout the season against other local clubs in the league. Most of these meets are free or have a nominal charge. Participating clubs assist in helping with jobs needed to run the meet. GVSL Junior meets (for swimmers 12 years of age and under – 12&U) are particularly good for new swimmers as they are usually not as fast paced as invitational meets and only two or three clubs compete together. BlueFins coaches select 12&U under swimmers’ events for all GVSL meets except for the Rising Star Meet.

Please log into the website to view details for all of the meets as the dates get closer. Note that dates and locations are subject to change. Sign-up deadlines will be noted when meet information is posted and sign-ups are open.

NOTE:  The GVSL Championship Meet and the Niagara LSC Championship Meet are NOT the same.

 GVSL Meets

2018-19 Season

Meet Date
(Subject to change)

 GVSL Junior Meets

  • For swimmers ages 12&U.
  • 2-3 teams participate.
  • Coaches select events for swimmers.
  • No fee to participate

Junior Meet #1

Location: HF-L High School
Signup by: 10 PM, 11/1/2018)

Fri, 11/9/2018



Junior Meet #2

Sat, 12/8/2018


Junior Meet #3

Sat, 2/16/2019

 GVSL Senior Meet

  • For swimmers ages 13 & Over (13&O).
  • All GVSL teams participate.
  • No fee to participate.


Senior Meet #1 at WEBS


Sat, 9/29/2018

 GVSL Combo Meets:

  • For ALL swimmers.
  • 2-4 teams participate.
  • Coaches select events for 12&U swimmers.
  • No fee to participate.


Combo Meet #1 at WEBS


Sat, 3/2/2019

 GVSL Rising Star Meet

  • For 12&U Swimmers who have not achieved a GVSL Championship qualifying time by the deadline date.
  • All GVSL teams participate.
  • Nominal fee to participate.
  • More details will be available later in the season.


GVSL Rising Star Meet


Sat, 3/16/2019

 GVSL Championship Meet

  • For all age groups.
  • All GVSL teams participate.
  • Nominal fee to participate.
  • Coaches select events for 12&U swimmers.
  • Requires achievement (12&U) of at least one GVSL Championship qualifying time to participate in swimmer’s age group as of the date of the meet. There are no qualifying times for 13&O swimmers.
  • Format is a preliminary session and a finals session for those who qualify after prelims. More details will be available later in the season.


GVSL Championship Meet


Sat, 3/23/2019


Qualifying GVSL time standards for 12&U swimmers are listed on the website. There are no changes this year to the qualifying times, which may be achieved at ANY USA Sanctioned meet. Swimmer’s age group on the date of the meet applies. There are no time standards for 13&O swimmers.

Match / Exceed GVSL Report is updated regularly throughout the season and lists 12&U swimmers who have qualifying GVSL times. (Login to the website is required.)

If you have questions about GVSL or other meets, please contact Head Age Group Coach Dennis ( or Head Coach Rob (


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