Oct Mini-Meet Write Up

Last Thursday at Fleetwood our up and coming Knights had their first mini-meet of the year.

Thirty swimmers from the mini-knights and bronze groups gathered to experience the feeling of competition.

Lots of parents were there to support their swimmers and to run the meet for our youngest Knights. It was great to see the support given by the parents!

These mini-meets are designed to introduce our swimmers to the process of a swim meet. Times and position are really irrelevant as they are not what will make a kid stay in the sport long enough to explore their full potential. The fun aspect is the number 1 priority. Having fun racing and performing is the top priority.

One young boy stood out for me as it took him until his third race to actually go in the water and do it! I felt it was so nice of his parents to allow him to cry and feel bad for the most part of the meet as it is these struggles that make us stronger! I’m sure it wasn’t easy for these parents to see their son crying and refusing to even go in the water. They could have easily decided to pack it up and try again at the next mini-meet. But they didn’t. They stayed and made it lovingly clear to their son that they would stay until the end whether he would swim or not.

Thank you to all the volunteers and see you all soon for our next mini-meet.

You can find pictures of the meet at: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1K0F3IPuSaw7VLkMbcIsALUDqOn_BREVd?usp=sharing