November 10 - 11 Meet (formally at Midtown) LOCATION & FORMAT CHANGE


SEVA Families,


This e-mail is in regards to the meet listed on our Meet Schedule for November 9 – 11 at Midtown. Any meet that is run has certain guidelines that are mandated by USA Swimming and/or Virginia Swimming. One of these guidelines is that the length of any swim meet session that includes swimmers that are 12 year old and younger must be no longer than four (4) hours.


SEVA submitted our entries into the November 9 -11 meet at Midtown 7 days before the entry deadline to increase our teams chance to be accepted into the meet before the sessions reached the 4 hour limit which closes the meet to any further entry. The host club was surprised to receive an entry from a team that in past years totaled 60 to 70 swimmers. This year that same team entered 230 swimmers and was received earlier than SEVA and two other teams entry. Due to this meet reaching the four hour session limit before our entries were added, SEVA will not be able to participate.


Alternative – The next closet meet is at the Collegiate School Aquatic Center (CSAC) in Richmond. This is the same facility where our swimmers competed in October. We very quickly moved our entries to the Richmond meet and received confirmation that we have been accepted into the meet. Please note the following details about this competition:


  • No Friday Events are offered

  • Some 8 & Unders in the Bronze and Silver Groups may be entered only on Sunday due to the events offered each day.

  • On Saturday and Sunday

    • 12 & Under swimmers compete in the morning AM session (7:15 am estimated On Deck Time)

    • 13 & Older swimmers compete in the afternoon PM session (12:15 am estimated ON Deck Time)

    • The above on deck time assumes SEVA is assigned the first warm-up session of the meet. If we are assigned the second warm-up session the On Deck Times will change to: 7:35 am or 12: 35 am). Final warm-up assignments are published by the host team the Monday or Tuesday of the week of the meet.


Since this is a location and meet format change from our original schedule, if your swimmer is not able to compete on one or more days of the meet, PLEASE E-MAIL COACH DAVE BY THE END OF THE DAY ON FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 2nd. All previously sent “No Enter Notes” are still in effect. The meet information has been posted to this meet on our web site. The preliminary list of events for your swimmer(s) can be seen by logging into your account.


I am sorry if this change causes any inconvenience. Please let me know if you have any questions.


Dave Henderson

SEVA Swim Team

757 897-6127