Swimmers of the Month - October

After a spooky and thrilling month of October, the WDSC Coaching Staff are proud to award the following swimmers for being the most outstanding swimmers of the month! Congratulations to you all and we hope you continue your hard work and awesome listening skills!

- WDSC Coaching Staff

Junior Dolphins Blue 


Session 1: Aynsley 

    I am very happy to announce that Aynsley is the swimmer of the month for October.Aynsley has not missed a single practice this season and always shows up ready to work hard. When she’s in the pool she is always focused and listening.Her swimming has already come such a long way and I can’t wait to see her improve even more!Keep up the great work Aynsley :) 


Session 2: Natalie Tam 

    This month Natalie has shown amazing improvement. She always comes to practice ready to swim, and even after trying some of what she might not think she can do, Natalie ends up smiling. We’ve done a lot of kick, and started working on some of the other strokes, but even so is till see Natalie smiling and listening. Great job this month!


Session 3: Amelia Yowarski 

    Despite not knowing some of the techniques we’ve been attempting this month, Amelia has been great in doing her best. After struggling a bit with listening the first couple weeks, she has become someone I can count on to try their best, and is a pleasure to coach. Awesome work!


Junior Dolphins Gold

Session 1 : Theoren Dolejsi 

    This past month Theoren has exceeded all expectations! To start, Theoren got a team spirit and faces in the crowd award for our award banquet for the 2017-2018 season. Second, Theoren came to the pool deck with a small little smile on his face and executes every dryland activity and skill in practice with such focus and determination it was inspiring. His other teammates definitely looked up to him this past month as he perfectly illustrated what it means to be a WDSC Swimmer. Huge congratulations Theoren!! :) 


Session 2: Bradley Batista 

    He is always on time and has almost perfect attendance. He is respectful and always comes to practice with a smile on his face. He never forgets his equipment either! He always takes the time to have a conversation with me while warming up and includes the others, too. As for his swimming, he always does as told and improves on what I tell him to right away. He has done a great job this month! Congrats!


Conditioning and Technique 

Ben Roberts 

Swimmer of the month is Ben. I chose Ben because he has had perfect attendance. He has been focusing on specific skills and listening to immediate feedback provided by the coaches. His technique has dramatically improved. I am beyond proud of Ben and am so excited to watch him over this year!


Age Group Blue 

AGB 1: Erem McMillan 

    Erem has made significant improvements in just this month alone. Not only has Erem finally broken 50 seconds in his 50 breastroke with a time now of 48 seconds; Erem has also come extremely close in finally being able to swim butterfly legally. So fingers crossed at the next meet he can finally swim 200 IM. The determination and drive Erem has brought to not only this month, but also this season thus far is truly remarkable! His heart and love for the sport is something very special and a key attribute for his group. Congratulations Erem!! :) 


AGB 2: Korina Dufour 

    Korina has shown so much improvement this month, her freestyle strokes are looking amazing and her butterfly is getting better and better everyday! She is a great role model in the group and always helps everyone out when they need it. Keep up the good work!


Age Group Gold/Provincial 

Kelly Qui 

    Our newest member to the WDSC family Kelly Qu or fondly known as ‘Jelly Belly’ has done an outstanding job this past month. A large contributing factor to her success is not only her determination in and out of the pool, but also her 100 percent attendance record!!

Her high attendance has already lead to success in the pool with placing 2nd overall in the 10 and under category at VPSC last weekend as well as getting many best times along the way. Her work ethic and love for the sport is exactly what is means to not only be a WDSC swimmer, but also a fantastic teammate on and off the pool deck. Congratulation Kelly for all of your hard work this past month, keep it up!