Practice Updates this week

Hello EMAC,

We know a lot of you are concerned about practice this week due to the recent flooding at the High School.  We have been assured by the district our practices are allowed to run as scheduled.  To help alleviate some of the stresses at the school we will have a few changes to Dryland schedules and Parking locations.  Just a reminder: please stay in the immediate pool area and do not wander around the building looking at the damage from the storm.  The quicker the crews and work the faster life returns to normal at the school.  Thank you!


Bees Dryland time is cancelled this week due to gym availability issues.

Wasp Dryland time is still scheduled though we will be looking for alternative areas to do dryland.  First option is the bleachers, so please have your child bring a yoga mat if they have one and currently due not bring it.


We have been asked not to park in the faculity parking lots as clean up workers need to get as close to the school as possible.  Please honor this request and help the school recover as quickly as possible.  All Pickup/Drop offs for practice should happen in the athletic circle, not in the back parking lot.