Terrapins ATTACK At SHAC!

Terrapins Attack At SHAC!

  • Aldercy Bui has been busy swimming High School and USA, and has had great swims this season.  She grabbed 2 best times in the 50 free, and 400 IM. Her dolphin kicks continue to give her big leads.
  • Brantson Bui always is tough at meets.  This is no exception. He dropped in 3 events, placing 4th in the 100 fly, 200 back and 400 IM - winning the $1!
  • Kyler Cao rested up on Saturday to pour it on Sunday! He sped to 4 best times and major drops in the 200 free, 100 breast, 50 free, and 100 fly.
  • Emma Kinsey always tough, grabbed 3 best times in the 200 IM, 200 breast and 400 IM. She placed 2nd in the 50 free, and 3rd in both the 100 and 200 back events.
  • Bekah Lindblade is the senior swimmer extraordinary. She dropped in the 50 free. The one thing Bekah does well is that she is always is right at her best times. She can evaluate her progress because she has earned it.
  • Breanna Nguyen placed in 7 events! She was 3rd in the 200 back, and 5th in both the 100 free and 200 breast.
  • Camillia Samson has been consistently improving in high school and with TTST.  She nailed 5 best times, and placed in the 200 breast. Camillia is another swimmer that is always close to best times.
  • Hannah Zwerneman was always ahead after the dives as her dolphin kicks have become a real weapon.  She placed 5th in the 100 back and added a best time to her resume in the 100 breast.
  • Leah Sullivan got into the act with a best time in the 50 free and an awesome performance in the 100 fly.  She's been tough in practice.
  • Molly Sullivan hit 100 percent best times - Super!! She had grand performances in the 200 free, 100 breast and 100 fly.
  • Erin Ware showed up to race! she sped to 4 best times, and placed in the 100 back, 200 breast, and her new best event - the 400 IM
  • Colin Wegner - another high school standout, was tough in the 50 free, and grabbed a best time in the 200 back - dropping 16 seconds placing 2nd!

These swimmers are getting better each meet. Their race strategy is smarter, and toughness is helping the mental aspect of their swimming.  The Champ meets are coming up - time to set new goals!