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Weekend Schedule (Friday and Saturday Updates/Reminders)

 Weekend Schedule (Friday and Saturday Updates/Reminders)

Friday and Saturday will be the below offered GCY practices, there is NO Flex Friday.  Saturday is ONLY at Bryan YMCA (no Ragsdale practice Saturday morning due to large meet in Cary, NC).   There is no Sunday option.

Friday, Nov 9th (no Friday evening Nat/Sen groups - go to early meet warm-up option if in TAC meet OR Friday morning practice at GAC)

  • GAC: 5:15-7am only - Nat Prep, Nat 1, Nat 2, Seniors, and morning only swimmers (morning before school only)
  • Ragsdale: Normal AG, Senior Prep, Senior practices (Makos make-up see chart below)
  • Spears: Normal AG, Makos 1&2 (Makos make-up see chart below)
  • Bryan YMCA: Normal Homeschool, AG, Senior Prep (Makos make-up see chart below).  Last practice ends at 6pm, nothing past 6pm.
  • TAC Meet Warm-Up: If not swiming Friday night, then 5-6pm at Bryan YMCA (see Jacob or Scott) or at TAC warm-up lanes anytime through 8pm (see Mat R or Katie J) if you are traveling down Friday night.
  • Reidsville/Hayes-Taylor: No classes offered on Friday/Saturday (normal).

Makos Make-Up Friday Offerings (normal/same/no changes): 

Bryan Ragsdale Spears Hayes-Taylor Reidsville
3:30 Only:    Makos 1&2 4:00 Makos 1, 5:00 Makos 2, 6:00 Makos 3 4:15-5:15pm Makos 1&2 No Makos groups on Fridays No Makos groups on Fridays

REMINDER for National Teams Friday Schedule:

  • ALL (Nat Prep, Nat 1, Nat 2) have a full practice option at GAC Friday AM (5:15-7am at GAC)

Saturday, Nov 10th at the Bryan YMCA ONLY (no Ragsdale practices):

  Makos 1,2&FIT Makos 1,2&FIT Age Group Senior Prep Senior Nat Prep Nat 1 Nat 2
Bryan YMCA  8:30am-10:00am 8:30am-10am 8:30-10am 8:30-10am 7am-10am 8am-10am 7am-10am 7am-10am
Ragsdale YMCA
No Sat pract 11/10
No Sat pract 11/10 No Sat pract 11/10 No Sat pract 11/10 No Sat pract 11/10 No Sat pract 11/10 No Sat pract 11/10 No Sat pract 11/10

Sunday, Nov 11th - No Sunday Practices