Gator Update (November 8)
Good luck to all GSC swimmers participating in high-school state championships this weekend and next weekend in Stuart!
Upcoming GSC Meets
GSC has had great meet participation from all groups this fall. Let’s keep it going! Winter 2019 short-course meets have been added to the 2018–2019 short-course meet schedule under the Meets tab the GSC website, and the 2019 long-course meet schedule has been added. Please note that there may be more meets added in the spring and summer.
YCF (Orlando)
The YMCA of Central Florida “Almost Turkey” meet in Orlando is November 16–18. The entry report was sent to attending families last night, and the meet itinerary will be sent out by Thursday next week.
Holiday Classic (Gainesville)
GSC’s Holiday Classic meet is being held at the O’Connell Center on November 30 through December 2. Here are some details you need to know:
  • We still have some openings for volunteer sign-up on the GSC website. Most jobs require no experience and we will train you. Please contact with any questions about volunteering.
  • This meet requires short-course-yard A time standards for participation. The declaration deadline is November 14, but GSC swimmers who achieve new A-times at the YCF meet will be accommodated as possible.
  • There will be no practices for any groups on the dates of the meet. If you are not competing, come and cheer on your teammates!
Junior Nationals (Greensboro, NC)
GSC has 12 athletes attending Winter Junior Nationals. This is the highest number of swimmers GSC has qualified for this high-level meet!
Florida Swimming Harry Meisel Championships
(St. Petersburg)
The Harry Meisel Championships are on December 8–9 and the host team has just posted final meet information for us. This meet is open to all groups, and swimmers can only enter in events in which they have short-course-yard times SLOWER than the entry time shown in the meet information. For example, 9–10 girls have to have a time slower than 1:10.19 in the 100 free to enter that event; 15–18 boys have to have a time slower than 2:08.49 in the 200 IM to enter that event. Meet information is posted to the GSC website under the Meets tab. Signup will be available as of tomorrow on the GSC home page.






Thanksgiving Week Practice
Monday and Tuesday of Thanksgiving week, GSC will follow its regular practice schedule. Elite groups should check with their coaches about practices Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday.
GSC Fall Food Drive
Many thanks to those of you who have already donated to the GSC food drive! We are hoping to beat our 500-pound total from 2017, so donation bins will be out at O'Dome and Sun Country practices today through next Tuesday, November 13. Please contact with any questions.
GSC Halloween Practice
We hope all in attendance had a good time at GSC's all-team Halloween practice on November 29! A PDF linked to this message includes some photos of the event.
Billing Summaries, Invoices, and Payments
The following outlines GSC's monthly process for managing account charges and payments. Questions on any of these items can be sent to
Billing Summary In September and October, we started a new regular practice of sending a billing summary out to all families on the 25th or 26th of the month. This summary is a preview of the total charge that will be drawn on your account on the 1st, and is intended to provide an opportunity for you to ask questions about the total or otherwise prepare for the payment due. Even if you pay dues seasonally, you will receive the summary as it will include meet fees or any other costs that might have accumulated over the course of that month. When you receive the summary, you do not need to do anything other than review the e-mail.
Payments If you have a credit card on file with us, the system will automatically draw the total due on the 1st of the month. You do not need to log-in at any point to initiate a payment.
Invoice On the 1st or second of the month, we will send a confirming invoice indicating the amount billed. In most cases the invoice will match the billing summary you received at the end of the previous month, unless adjustments were made or late-month meet fees added (which will happen, for example, with the Holiday Classic).
Follow-up During the first two weeks of the month, we review any accounts that were not paid in full on the 1st, which can happen for various reasons. We will reach out to those families with account balances during those first two weeks, to resolve what we can in order to avoid the assessment of a late fee on the 16th of the month ($20).

As always:

  • For group level and practice-related questions, contact your group coach first.
  • If he or she is not available or not able to answer your group or practice question or concern fully please contact Coach Robert at or call/text 319-471-5054.
  • For all registration, billing, account-related, or other administrative questions, contact