Week Ahead Nov 12-25
Attached you will find this  week's  Week  Ahead. Please note the highlighted sections as are changes to the outline schedule. Especially note the changes the week of Thanksgiving.
TYR Fall Classic - Your response and willingness to help out has been amazing! We are better positioned going into this year than any other. Thank you for all your support. We do still have have open spots, mostly in the finals sessions. Let's try to fill those last few slots! I can understand wanting to see if your swimmer qualifies for finals, please plan to help out if at all possible if they do. 
Meets Open for Registration
  • OLY Meet -  This meet is for: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Senior (Saturday ONLY)
  • BAC Meet -  This meet is for: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Senior (Friday night ONLY)
  • SLA Meet  This meet is for: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum & Senior (Friday/ 1650 ONLY)
  • Circle City Meet - This meet is for: 13 & Over, Qualified swimmers in Silver, Gold, Platinum & Senior
  • DRD -  This meet is for: 12 & Under swimmers and 13 & over swimmers who do not qualify for the Circle City Meet. 
  • ISCA -  This meet is for: Qualified swimmers