Splash Nov. 12 - fundraisers and upcoming meet donations

Christmas Wreath fundraiser


Wreaths are $25.00. For every wreath you sell $10 goes to your swimmer’s MFC.


You can request the wreaths be made with or without red berries. See photo below. If you would like a handmade bow please add an additional $2 to your order and indicate when you order that you want a bow.


Orders are due by November 28, 2018 for a Nov 30th delivery. Delivery options are:

Friday November 30th Needham Pool 5-630pm

Friday November 30th Centennial Pool 6-730pm


Orders are due by December 3, 2018 for a Dec 7th delivery. Delivery options are:  

Friday December 7th at Needham Pool 5-630pm

Friday December 7th Centennial Pool 6-730pm


Or another agreed upon time at Findlay Community Centre.


When you submit your order please indicate what date and location you want to pick up your order. Wreaths will be made fresh prior to delivery. Payment upon pick up is by cash or cheque made payable to Dartmouth Crusaders Swim Club.


Email your order to



From Andrea - Sobeys gift cards


Thank you to all who participated in November’s Sobeys gift card order!  We reached our $20K monthly goal .....

The next Sobeys gift card order (December) is due Monday, November 19, 2018.  Payment can be made by cheque or e-transfer. Cheques can be dropped off at Findlay drop-off or handed to either Gary or myself during practices. E-transfers are to be sent to . 

Please send your order details – amount/form of payment/special instructions – to  - this helps me track and verify the orders. I can be found at many practices to answer any questions that you may have. 

There is usually a day or two between the order deadline and when I place the final order. If you have miss the deadline, please email me - we might be able to make arrangements to add your order.

If you are considering holiday orders, please note that this is the final order that will be delivered before the holidays.  If you have submitted post-dated cheques and would like to increase your order for this month, contact me via email with details.

Note that you can use Sobeys gift cards to purchase gift cards for online shopping, Apple iTunes, video gaming, NSLC, Chapters and many other gift cards that make handy Christmas gifts!

Families participating in Sobeys gift card orders receive 5% of their orders towards their mandatory fundraising credits. In addition, when the total club monthly order exceeds $20K, 1% of the total order goes to the club! 

From Krista - upcoming meet hosted by DCSC

DCSC :  Host AG Meet: Dalplex: Dec 1-2 
Hospitality is calling All DCSC families !! 
This is the 1st of only three swim meets DCSC will host this year.  
As the host Club, we are responsible for feeding all the officials, timers and coaches who make this meet possible. We do not have a budget and must rely on the membership for donations, to make our meets a success.  
It is a great way to earn your Participation Points!! 
By donating to the Hospitality Suite / Canteen you will earn 1 participation pt/ per $1 dollar. 
December 1-2 Swim Meet 

4 bags x 6 bagels  
2 pkgs of whipped cream cheese  
1 jar of raspberry / or strawberry jam  
1 tub margarine  
3 x 1L 1%milk  
3 x 1L 5% Coffee cream  
1 bag oranges  
1 bag Granny Smith apples  
1 bag red apples  
2 bunches of bananas  
3 x 2L pulp free orange juice  

5 loaves of Dempsters multigrain bread (Costco)  
4 pkg of 10 multigrain wraps
1 large mayonnaise  
2 x 6 cans of chicken breast (Costco)  
2 large bags of Sweet Kale Salad(Costco)  
1 bag carrots (Costco)  
3 x 3pk English cucumbers (Costco) 
3 pkgs snap peas (Costco)  
3 large pkgs grape tomatoes (Costco)  
4 bags nacho chips Scoops (Salsa)  
1 large bottle of salsa  
2 large block of cheddar cheese  
3 pkgs bite size brownies(Costco)  
3 pkgs. mini cinnamon rolls(Costco)  

**Supper ** 
Two large Caesar salad(Costco or similar size) 
Two crockpots of Mac and Cheese  
One crockpot vegetable chilli  
One crockpot meat chilli  
Please LABEL your crockpot and accompanying ladel.  

8 cases of water  
8 bags of ice  

2 large boxes of nut free granola bars  
4 boxes of individual sized chips  
48 to 50 juice boxes  
1 large box of Mott’s Fruitsation gummies  
2 containers of Sour Key candies  
2 boxes sandwich bags 
2 x 150 large paper chinete plates( Costco)
6 x 24 paper bowls  (Superstore or Sobeys)
Plastic cutlery 
6 x 50 (unites) Nitryl gloves 
The Hospitality Suite needs your 
Donations : if a donation of money would be easier  
Please send your EFT to Mark Sebestik : 
Password: AGmeet#3hospitality 
We need your time.  
The Hospitality Suite: will need volunteers for 3 sessions/ set up/ take down. Dec. 1:am/pm and Dec.2 
The Canteen Crew/ program sales will need 6 volunteers: 2 per session. Dec. 1: am/pm Dec. 2: am 
***All donations will be received Monday Nov.26,2018:        
Drop off Times: 
Senior AAA/ Junior AA:  Dalplex: 6:30 - 7:30 pm 
Gold AG / Blue AG:  Centennial : 7:00 -8:00 pm 
***All donations/ volunteers and questions may be directed to Krista Chen: 
Many hands make light work:)) 
Thank you.  
Krista Chen