Two more big fundraisers!

Crusader Gift Card Survivor

How it works:

•          Entry to the Gift Card Survivor pool is $ 10 cash and either a minimum $15 gift card for a local store or additional cash, $15 (total $25). Deadline is November 24thThis allows us enough time to include in your Nov 30thMFC.

•          Draws will be held twice a week where half the entries will be eliminated. First draw will take place on Monday November 26th.

•          Once eliminated, you will be notified by email, you then have 48 hours to buy back in for $10. All money collected from buy-ins will go to DCSC.

•          During the last week, there will be no buy-ins, entrants will be eliminated until there are only 2 left and then there will be one last draw.

•            Final draw will be December 14th, still in time to use the gift cards for some holiday shopping. We will not know the final prize amount until all gift cards are collected.

•          The last person wins 2/3 of the total gift cards collected; 2nd prize is 1/3 total of gift cards.

                        This is not limited to Dartmouth Crusaders

•            You can earn credit towards your mandatory fundraising credit for:

                        - Entry to Gift Card Survivor pool so $10

- Entry to Gift Card Survivor pool for anyone that you recruit so an additional $10 for every person you recruit

All gift cards can be turned in to Stephanie Baker or Wendy Woodford or dropped off to the DCSC mailbox at Findlay. Deadline in November 24th, 2018.

If you are interested in joining you must email your name to followed by an e-transfer to the same email (note this is not the usual email you e-transfer to DCSC, this is just for this fundraiser). All entrants must be 18 years or older.

Eliminations will be held each week on Monday evening at Centennial Pool and Friday evening at Needham Pool.

Group emails will be sent for those people who were eliminated at each draw.  

After Dec 7, there will be no buy-ins.