November Newsletter


Mission: Creating Excellence in and out of the water

Core Values: Desire, Dedication, Determination

Vision: Local TEAM, national presence


Upcoming Dates:

November 4 - CW Speedo Midwest Challenge Sign-up Deadline

November 14 - CW Board of Directors Meeting (EMU @ 7:00pm)

November 18 - Last Day of Cubs Fall Session

November 25 - Speedo Jr. Nationals (EAST) Sign-up Deadline

November 25 - CW Meet Job Sign-up Deadline

December 3 - Winter Session (except Cubs) Begins

December 4 - MMSL Holiday Madness Meet SIgn-up Deadline


Practice Schedules:

Ann Arbor and Brighton practice schedules for the week of November 5th are online and up to date. Canham Practice groups should note that there is a home U of M Hockey game on Friday, November 9th at 7:30pm. Parking may be paid and/or limited, please plan accordingly.

A tentative Thanksgiving Week practice schedule for AA is also posted.


Speedo Midwest Challenge Job Sign-up Update

Please be on the lookout for job sign-up for our December meet to open around Wednesday, November 7th. We are waiting to open sign-up till after teams submit their initial entries on the 6th, so we can determine if we will be running two pools for the Friday session, figure out more accurate job end times, and see how many CW families will have a swimmer at the meet.


Job sign-up will close on November 25th at Midnight. While we won’t be able to determine the number of jobs each family with a participating swimmer will need to do yet, we don’t foresee it being more than 2. Please plan accordingly when registering your swimmer.

Thank you for your patience and support! Without your help we wouldn’t be able to hold such highly successful meets! We are honored to hold this meet and provide a fantastic mid-season prelim-final taper meet for so many swimmers within our LSC.



  • Shoutout from Coach Laura to Junior Blue swimmer Tony Spiewak for dropping time in all 5 events at the Pentathlon!

  • Shoutout from Coach Josh to Brighton Intermediate White swimmer Noah Shand. Noah went from not making any Animal Kick reps to earning an average for all 10 in just a few weeks!

  • Shoutout from Coach Karl to Ann Arbor Intermediate White swimmers Ivan and Maria Rybkin for dropping over a minute each in their 500 Free’s!

Getting Faster in a Hurry

What a great October we had in terms of meet performances! We want to recognize the following 73 swimmers, all of whom dropped 5 seconds or more in at least one event at either the MMSL October Meet, the MMA Penthalon, the OLY Fall Classic, or the LAC/SWYM Spooky Splash.


Talluah Beg

Hans Boelster

Coen Boutell

Vaughn Boutell

Zander Fairbanks

Meisha Ferguson

Maya Goldstein

Grant Gorman

Jeremiah Green

Alexandra Hannah

Charles Hazzi

Alex Heberlein

Katherine Horvath

Lila Jurkiewicz

Jayla Kuzak

Audrey Martin

Miranda Nielsen

Maria Rybkin

Sawako Sakamoto

Samuel Stein-Perlman

Alivia Strickler

Yan Yee Adler

Leo Applegate

Kilian Bishop

Erik Bolang

Gabrielle Chatters

Niklas Eberly

Anthony Gibbons

Gretel Ham

Matthew Hardt

Tess Heavner

Rhianna Hensler

Daniel Huang

Ava Jurkiewicz

Christopher Kurniawan

Sophia Lickman

Drew Lindstrom

Sophia Nielsen

Soren Nielsen

Shayla Pawlicki

Karolina Spiewak

August Thielking

Samantha Bullard

Lucas Caswell

Piper Clark

Lily Cleason

Ella Goldstein

Reese Heidenreich

Jane Hu

Mihir Inamdar

Luke Jordan

Charles Knoepp

Payton Mathis

Madeline May

Nolan May

Audrey Nelson

Luke Newcomb

Julianna Peoples

Lauren Rich

Emma Rybkin

Ivan Rybkin

Lily Storey

Tyler Van Appledorn

Eva Woods

Harlee Vasquez-Potoczak

Amelia Eustice

Anastasia Eustice

Emma Eustice

Albert Gu

Catherine Huang

Jason Rich

Emily Towne

Henry Zhao



Technique before training

( Brighton Intermediate swimmers doing Single Arm Free to work on their catch and timing of their breath)

(AA Junior Blue doing Bow Drill with snorkels to work on body position and freestyle recovery.)


STRONG Athletes

( AA Intermediate White swimmers working on high hips and a fully engaged core during a dry-land crab walk exercise)

(AA Intermediate Blue in the middle of their Bridge Series, which is part of our new dryland)


- Coach Gunnar