2019 Divion Alignment

Manuel (w/Phelps)            Spitz (w/Dirado)                Ledecky  (no crossover)

Cedarmill*                            VCH                                        Arbor Oaks

MAC                                       Oaks Landing                       CLW II

Cool Dell                                Washington*                        Whispering Hills

Brentwood                            Union                                     Fox Creek*

Lake Chesterfield                 Pacific                                    Barrington

                                                                                                Indian Hills

Phelps (w/Manuel)           Dirado (w/Spitz)               

Chadwick                               Chesterfield Farms              Torres (no crossover)       

Robinwood                           Baxter Ridge                         Saxony*

Castle Pines*                        Westbury Manor                 Graeler Park

Westglen                               JCC                                         Bridle Creek

Lake of the Woods               Royal Acres*                         Gateway City          



Italics denotes pools willing to host conference 

*notes division chair*