Splash news - Monday, November 19

From Maureen Nolan:

DCSC is hosting the next AGD Meet #3 at Dalplex on Saturday, December 1st and Sunday, December 2nd. There are two sessions on Saturday and one on Sunday morning.
Warm-up both mornings is 7:30 am for an 8:30 am start and on Saturday afternoon the warm-up is at 3 pm on for a 4 pm start.
The meet cannot run without the help of many volunteer Officials for all three sessions. Please email your availability and preference for position to Pat Rooney at
Thank you in advance for your time and support of this meet.
Maureen C Nolan
(Co-Meet Manager with Beth Casey and Pat Rooney)


From Krista Chen:

Donation Requests: Dec 1-2 Meet 
Hello Swim families. 
This is only one of 2 opportunities to contribute to a Hospitality Suite hosted by DCSC. I encourage you to earn easy participation points. Save your receipts. 
Send the total of your donations to Kelli Lewis Smith, our points coordinator, to earn your participation points:
The updated list of items to be considered:
1 large Mayonnaise 
1 pkg canned Chicken Breast (Costco) *6 cans/pkg
1 pkg canned Chicken Breast (Costco) *6 cans/pkg
2 large bags of Sweet Kale Salad (Costco)
3 pkgs sugar snap peas(Costco)
3pkgs grape tomatoes  (Costco)
2 450g block marble cheese
2 large boxes of nut free granola bars
4 boxes of individual sizes chips
1 case 50 juice boxes
1 large box Mott's Fruits action gummies 
2 containers of Sour Key candies. 
6 cases of water
8 bags of ice
2 boxes of sandwich bags
1 pkg Large Chinese plates (150/pkg)
1 pkg Large Chinese plates (150/pkg)
1 pkg Large box plastic cutlery 
6 pkg Nitrol gloves (50/ pkg) 
Prepared meals:
1 Large Caesar salad
1 Large Caesar salad
1 crockpot  Mac & Cheese **
1 crockpot  Mac & Cheese**
1 crockpot  Vegetable Chilli ** 
** Please LABEL you crockpot and accompanying ladel. 
****Donations ****
if a donation of money is more convenient  
Please send your EFT to Mark Sebestik :
Password: AGmeet#3hospitality
All donations will be received Monday Nov.26,2018:       Drop off Times:
Senior AAA/ Junior AA:  Dalplex: 6:30 - 7:30 pm
Gold AG / Blue AG.       :  Centennial : 7:00 -8:00 pm
***All donations/ volunteers and questions may be directed to Krista Chen:
Many hands make light work:))
Thank you to all families who have already offered their donations and time. 
Krista Chen
From Fundraising:
Hello swim families. I know we have all been inundated with emails about fundraising opportunities. This is your opportunity to earn your MFC - your first payment is due on November 30th. Any fundraising money received before 24 November 2018 will count towards your Nov 30th MFC. Beyond what we've already told you about there will not be as many opportunities in the New Year (Swim a Thon is the only one we will do for sure but there may be others if needed / wanted).
Wreaths are $25 without a bow and $27 with a bow, $10 of that goes to your MFC. 
Wreath orders are due Nov 28th for a Nov 30 delivery.
Wreath orders are due Dec 3 for  Dec 7 delivery.
Gift card survivor ticket deadline is Nov 24 (first draw Nov 26). $10 to enter plus a $15 gift card or $25 and we'll buy the gift card. This can be a great fundraiser for our swim families and DCSC but we need your participation!
Tickets to see Cory Tetford in the  New Year would make a great Christmas gift for your family and friends! Tickets are $20 each. $10 of that goes to your MFC. That is a $10 gift. The big show and auction is January 5, 2019.
If you have any sold NS Sportsweep tickets please email me so I can arrange to collect. Any money turned in this week (or that I already have) will go towards the Nov 30th MFC. More tickets are available for anybody who wants them.
Questions or comments? Email us at