November Newsletter and October Swimmer(s) of the Month

Please click here for the November Newsletter. The newsletter can also be found under the "newsletter" tab under "news" on the team website.

Dylan Katz- Junior

Dylan has been putting forth a tremendous amount of effort in every practice and has been really focusing on his technique and had a superb meet this weekend with lots of time dropped.
Nick Furia- Gold
Nick is new on the team this year but has made a major impact by leading by good example. Although he is quiet, he is usually the first to ask a question or make a positive comment about a set. He continues to work hard at practice and it is showing at meets.
Daijah Murray- Silver
Daijah stepped up her efforts in practice to improve her performance in meets. As long as she keeps working hard she will continue to drop time. She has also started to lead her lane in practice, which shows a lot about her drive and her leadership.