Club News November 19th


Wise sayings often fall on barren ground,

but a kind word is never thrown away.

-Arthur Helps


KAJ Fall Invitational:

46 swimmers competed at the Kelowna Aqua Jets swim meet this past weekend. There were many best times and lots of fun relays. For some swimmers it was a big success. Sarah Andrews qualified for Swim BC Age Group Champs in February 2019. She made the 200 IM time plus two more swims. Hannah Rutten got her 1st Swim BC Age Group time in her 200IM. Congratulations swimmers!


BCHSS Provincial Championships:

It was a very exciting meet this past weekend in Richmond The Pen High Laker girls won the AAA division banner with the Laker boys 2nd behind the untouchable Goliath- St Georges of Vancouver.  The Lakers broke 2 meet records -Tyler Wall in 100 back and the Mixed 200 Free relay with the team of Justin Fotherby, Ashley McMillan, Ava Wall and Tyler Wall.  They broke the old record in prelims and then broke their new record in finals by another 2 seconds!  Well done Lakers!

Other Top 8 Finishes Include:

Girls 200 Medley Relay: Marlee Caruso, Lindsay Spear, Kiara Louw, Sophia Solibieda-7th

Boys 200 Medley Relay: Liam Wallich, Travis Kascak, Jack McLennan, Ben Davidson- 6th

Girls 100 Back: Acacia Benn -4th

Boys 100 Back: Tyler Wall -1st, Evan Peters -7th, Elijah Kliever -8th

Girls 400 Free Relay Team A: Ava Wall, Acacia Benn, Chelsea Keeler and Ashley McMillan -1st

Girls 400 Free Relay Team B: Marlee Caruso, Alice Wang, Lindsay Spear and Sophia Solibieda -4th

Boys 400 Free Relay Team A: Evan Peters, Liam Wallich, Ian Markus and Elijah Kliever- 3rd

Girls 100 Breast: Ashley McMillan -2nd

Boys 100 Breast: Justin Fotherby -3rd

Boys 100 Free: Tyler Wall -2nd

Mixed 200 Meter Medley Team B: Marlee Caruso, Travis Kascak, Liam Wallich, Chelsea Keeler -7th

Mixed 200 Free Team A: Justin Fotherby, Ashley McMillan, Ava Wall, Tyler Wall -1st

Girls 200IM: Ashley McMillan 2nd, Acacia Benn -7th

Boys 200IM: Justin Fotherby -2nd

Girls 200 Free Relay Team A: Chelsea Keeler, Marlee Caruso, Lauryn Peters, Alice Wang -5th

Girls 200 Free Relay Team B: Caitlyn Kowal, Lindsay Spear, Sophia Solibieda, Tita Schueler -8th

Boys 200 Free Relay Team A:Elijah Kliever, Ian Markus, Evan Peters, Travis Kascak -3rd


Parent Officiating:

Our Chief of Officials -Wayne Williams is on the process of setting up parent official accounts with Swimming Canada.  Please watch your email for notification from Swimming Canada regarding login info.  Once you are set up you will have access to the online Level 1 course.


Distance Week:  November 19thto 24th

This is a BIG week of training for all KISU swimmers.  This is where we challenge ourselves to have perfect attendance and step up to the sets that our coaches create.  We will finish the week with a Time Trial.  Although everyone can do this . . . you can only sign up for the t-shirt if you have accomplished the goal for your group - 

Juniors -3 workouts, plus the time trial, minimum distance 5km.

Super Juniors- 3 workouts, plus the time trial, minimum distance, 6km.

Intermediates-  5 workouts, plus the time trial, minimum distance, 12.5km.

Age Group-  5 workouts, plus the time trial, minimum distance, 20km.

Academy-  10 workouts, plus the time trial, minimum distance, 50km.

It is going to be fun!


Distance Week 400 Free:  Registration Deadline November 21st

We are going to finish Distance week off with a BANG . . . that sounds like 400 Free.  This is an event that gets overlooked in our Fall meet program as it is only offered once (at the KAJ meet).  So we are all going to swim it together after a tough week of training to see how fast we truly can be.

As is standard, time trials are $10, but if parents show up to help . . . they are free.  We will need a lot of parents for this one if we decide to double lane.  Job sign up is open on the website.


Kamloops Team Travel:  December 13-16th

Please watch your email for important team travel info in the next couple of weeks!


KISU Masters Meet: Registration Deadline November 30th.

KISU will be hosting a Masters Meet . . . The ALL Events Meet.

Saturday, Dec. 8, 3pm Warm Ups, estimated finish at 7pm.  

Sign up online.  $50 Flat fee.  Limit 6 events.

Meet information will be posted below when it is sanctioned as well as online at the BC Masters Swimming website.

Academy swimmers please sign up to volunteer.  Job sign up deadline Dec 3rd


November Team Practice:

This month we will be swimming the Albatross Mega Swim during team practice.

Age Group, Intermediates and Swim Academy: 3:30-5:30

Mini Squad, Juniors, Super Juniors: 4:00-5:30


Albatross Mega Swim: November 30th

Are you an ALBATROSS?

An albatross is a bird that’s known for flying great distances without taking any breaks. It also happens to be the nickname for Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps because of his incredible wing span. This makes this bird the perfect mascot for our annual long-distance swim event on November 30th, the KISU Albatross Mega Swim!

First and foremost, this event is about testing our mental and physical limits as swimmers are challenged to go a full 5 km in under 2 hours. Swimmers in Juniors through to Academy will try the full distance on Friday between 3:30 and 7:30 pm. When you are not in the pool, you can help count laps for your fellow swimmers. (Our mini-squad swimmers will also participate and do their best during practice that week.) 

As an added challenge, this year's Mega Swim will feature a 24-hour relay challenge where a number of our Academy swimmers will form relay teams and push each other to swim for 24 hours or 100 km, whichever comes first.


How does our fundraiser work?
In addition to marking our progress in the pool, we also rely on this event for fundraising for the club. This year's fundraiser is similar to ones we have done in the past - swimmers receive pledges and donations from family members, friends, neighbors, and local businesses.

Each swimmer is asked to raise a minimum of $100 towards our club goal of $10,000. You can use our online donation tool or collect cash and cheques. Please find the cash/cheque donation form attached to the event to print out and use. **When entering cash/cheque donations on to your swimmer's fundraising account, please total all cash/cheque donations and enter as a single donation entry.

All offline donations will be verified once received by KISU.

What's in it for swimmers? 
Aside from the glory of achieving something that very few can and contributing to a club you love; this event is lots of fun! We will have music, food, and of course, prizes!

Everyone who participates in the swim and raises the minimum donation will receive a new KISU Albatross Mega Swim swim cap - sure to become a must have for all swimmers.  

There will be weekly prizes with mystery selection!

More information about the event will be shared in the weeks leading up. In the meantime, go ahead and start your fundraising. We are looking forward to everyone's help, support, and participation!


December Mini Meet:  December 15th 7:30-9:00 am

Racing! Ribbons! Muffins! KISU Mini Squad and Junior swimmers are invited to come out and swim at our first Mini Meet of the season! This is a great introduction to what it will be like at swim meets. Everyone will swim either 25m or 50m of each stroke and will earn a nice handful of ribbons.  At the end swimmers will get a delicious muffin, juice box and fruit.  Hope to see you all there!!  Let’s help them get excited!!

Cost: $5

Registration Deadline: Thursday, December 14

Parents don't forget to sign up to volunteer as a timer or starter!


Big Bus Training Camp-Radium Hot Springs: Registration Deadline Jan 1st

This is a unique event that you don't want to miss out on.  We are going on a training camp in February, swimming outdoors in the Canadian Rockies!!  This is the only outdoor pool in Canada that runs year-round.  

We will be hosted by the Columbia Valley Swim Team.  They are helping us with the bookings, etc.  We will be 'camping' in a hall/gym/church.  We will leave on the Friday (Pro D Day), train that afternoon, doubles on Saturday and Sunday, train on Monday morning and come back that day.  It is the Family Day weekend, so swimmers will not be missing any school.  smiley

Minimum requirements are sub-4 and 12yrs.  We will need chaperones . . . please indicate in a note when you sign up if you are interested.  It will be limited to the number of seats in the bus.  Sign up early!


Parent Article:

The First Ingredient in Success... 

Learning to Deal with Failure By John Leonard 

In the New York Times Magazine of October 2, is an article by Paul Tough (yep, real name) called “The Character Test.” It’s about Riverdale Country School, one of the elite private schools of NYC. The article deals in depth with the failure of great grades and great test scores to accurately predict success in highly competitive college environments, even for the “very best” of the elite private school graduates. The Headmaster has concluded that the missing piece is... character. He said: 

“Whether it’s the pioneer in the Conestoga wagon or someone coming here in the 1920’s from southern Italy, there was this idea in America, that if you worked hard and you showed real grit, you would be successful. Strangely, we’ve now forgotten that.” 

“People who have an easy time of it, who get 800’s on their SAT’s, I worry that these people get feedback that everything they are doing is great. I worry about that. I think we are actually setting them up for long term failure. When that person has to face up to a difficult moment, then I think they are screwed, to be honest. I don’t think we’ve given them the opportunities to grow the capacity to be able to handle that.” 

A review of those who DID succeed in competitive colleges showed a real prevalence of skills in specific areas: optimism, persistence and social intelligence. They were the ones who were able to recover from a bad grade and resolve to study and do better next time. They were the ones who could bounce back from a fight with their parents, recognize the nature of family (and friends) and re-secure those relationships into balance, and those would could resist the urge to go to the movies with friends and stay home and study instead. They were the kids who could persuade teachers to give them help after class. 

“Our kids don’t put up with a lot of suffering,” says a Riverdale teacher, “and when they do get uncomfortable, we tend to hear from their parents. The parents miss the point that being uncomfortable is what helps the child grow.” 

Since swimming is simply a part of life education, the parallels are obvious. No matter what part of life is involved, the ability to deal effectively with failure and use the lessons provided to move you closer to success is clear. Parents who spend time “protecting” their children, do them a disservice, and actually disrespect the child who is always stronger and more capable than we, as parents, think. Everything we do for our children that they can do for themselves, makes them weaker, not stronger. Seek adversity for your child. Allow them the honor of struggling. It’s what made you successful. If you remove the struggle, you remove their opportunities to get stronger in life.



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