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Orca Newsletter and Kelowna Jamboree Update


Orca Parents and Swimmers,


Going into every meet I have the intention of taking a bunch of photos for the website and newsletter, and every meet I forget.  So if any parents have some good shots of their own swimmers or the team please forward them to me and I can attach them to this newsletter.


    It was a fun filled weekend for most of us at the Kelowna Jamboree.  A few swimmers were sick and couldn’t attend the jamboree, but for those who swam, I thought they did a great job!!


    Thank you to our Jr. Coaches: MAry, Phoebe and Brooklyn.  Not sure if parents noticed but I had set up the Jr. Coaches to manage each event from beginning to end: Herding, Race Talk, Marshalling, Observing and Feedback.   I thought they did a great job and it allowed me to talk to parents and individual swimmers as they exited the pool.  


And  We did not have any missed swims.


A few personal highlights from the Kelowna Meet:

  • The Meet Referee and long time swim parent, remarked how well our team knows the rules and etiquette of swimming.  She said we had the least amount of Disqualifications from all the clubs!!
  • Thea Scholefield qualifying for the Regional Group by making her sub 4:00 minute 200 IM time.  And not just make it, she went a 3:52!!  Way to Go!!
  • Jordon Piket had a standout swim meet in all her events starting with a dominant performance in the 100 IM and continuing through out the meet.
  • Annika Kondor and Adleigh Kunka’s 25 butterfly—shot out like a rocket!!
  • Cassidy Martin and Caitlyn Jell in their 200IM, now within 10 sec of their 4:00 time 
  • 100% Best Time Club: Breeghan Johnson, Annika Kondor, Adleigh KunkaCassidy Martin, Evelyn Martin, Shelby Muik, Jordon Piket, Thea Scholefield


    I hope all the swimmers had a positive experience and are excited about attending the next Jamboree.



West Kelowna Jamboree:

    Our next Jamboree is on DEC 8th in West Kelowna JB Mac pool.  I will have the event set up online this week and emailed shortly after.  It’s probably one of the better spectator pools, since parents can watch from the edge of the pool.  We usually go for team DQ treats afterwards.



As always, please check the online calendar for schedule questions.

NOVEMBER 30th: NO SWIMMING due to LIGHT UP FESTIVITIES  (effects Stage 4 swimmers only)


Social Events:

November 23rd FRIDAY: STEAM HOCKEY GAME.  Join us at the pool at 6:30 to pick up your FREE ticket and pizza before heading over to the Summerland Arena for 7:30 STEAM vs. 100Mile House.

Please sign up online


Dec 21st Friday: Xmas Practice and Cookie Decorating.  Synchro swim to Carrols, Santa Relay races etc.  Open to all Orca swimmers (and siblings who can swim are also welcome)


Xmas Break and Xmas Camp:

XMAS break begins Dec 22nd(Friday the 21st last day of swimming) and will run until Jan 6th.  First day of regular schedule is Monday Jan 7th.  


Stay Active over the holidays by doing all the sports/hiking/skiing/snowshoeing that you want.  


This year we are doing a New Year’s ICS SKILLS  Camp: 

Jan 2, 3, 4:   3:00-4:00PM

All ICS swimmers welcome.

Please sign up online.  No Extra Cost


I think that’s all for now!


Coaching Staff