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Coach Amy’s Comments:

Happy Thanksgiving (almost) CGAC families! I hope you are all able to spend some time relaxing over the next few days after an AWESOME Jingle Bell Classic! Here are some things you need to know for this week: 

1.) Jingle Bell Classic: A HUGE THANK YOU to all of the parent volunteers, board members, and coaches for helping make this year’s Jingle Bell Classic one of the best ran yet! I would like to thank Kim Ferguson and Holly Argiris for all their hard work in organizing all of the volunteers. Also, the coaches would like to give two thumbs up on the swimmers' performances over the weekend. We have seen some big improvements since the beginning of the season. Keep it up swimmers!

2.) Practices this week (CG Site): Today, White, Black and Pre-Senior teams practice at normal times while both Red teams practice at 5:30. There will be NO AGE GROUP PRACTICES Wednesday, November 21 or Thursday, November 22 in honor of the Thanksgiving holiday. Normal practice times will resume Saturday, November 24th. 

3.) Pike/HSE tri-meet: Entries will be sent out after the holiday. Please pay attention to any deadlines given for any changes, as there will be a quick turnaround for the entries and we are not the host team. 

4.) Practices Next Week (CG site): There will be NO PRACTICE at the CG site for White, Red, Black and Pre-senior on Tuesday, November 27th or Saturday December 1 due to home high school meets. If there are any changes, coaches will contact their teams directly. 

5.) Board Members:  CGAC welcomes Karen Brandon and Susan Gallagher as our new Fundraising Co-Chairs.  Please contact them at fundraising@cgacswim.org with fundraising/sponsorship ideas or questions you may have.  Also, we want to thank Kim Ferguson for an awesome job in completing her term as Meet Coordinator and we now welcome Holly Argiris and Amanda Lavery as our Co-Meet Coordinators.  You can contact them at coordinator@cgacswim.org.  Many thanks to our new Board members for volunteering their time and talents to our swim club!

From Our Meet Coordinators:

1. Jingle Bell: Thank you so much to all of our volunteers and officials for doing such a great job at this year's Jingle Bell Meet! We appreciate how so many people work together so well to have a successful meet for our swimmers! Thank you to all of our new families who jumped right in! If you have a volunteer shirt, please wash it and return it to the pool this week. There will be a bin outside the ribbon room. The sign-outs are on a clipboard there as well. Please initial when you return it! If you are a Mooresville or UIndy swimmer, you can send your shirts with Coach Kevin or Coach Jason. Please send us an email at meetcoordinator@cgacswim.org if you are sending your shirts with one of those coaches and we will check you off. 

2. Volunteer Credits: All credits for Jingle Bell volunteers and gift cards have been entered. Please check that your credits are correct. You can check this by clicking on "My Account" on the left side of your screen. Then, click on "My Invoice/Payment". Then, look for the service hours tab. You will see any completed credits there. I have also entered credits for the Parent Meetings and Swim101 Meetings too. If you think you are missing any credits, please email us at meetcoordinator@cgacswim.org so we can make sure everything is accurate.

3. SuperBowl Splash: We will be looking for people for our trained positions to start filing our volunteer spots in the next month. If you are trained and want to do announcer, timing console, starting block marshal, or head timer, please let us know which days you will be available. All other spots will open up for volunteers to sign up in early January.

From Our Web Administrator:

1. Receiving Emails from the team website:  Everyone should receive at least ONE email every week from the CGAC Team Unify website.  This could be the weekly newsletter or a specific email from one of the coaches or board members.  If you are not receiving at least one email a week via the Team Unify website, please send an email asap to webadmin@cgacswim.org   I have been working with Team Unify to troubleshoot why some accounts are not receiving emails.  We have resolved most if not all of the outstanding email issues.  As a reminder, if you miss the weekly newsletter, they are always posted on the front page of the team website.

2. UIndy and Mooresville sites:  UIndy and Mooresville teams & families, I am in the process of developing team site pages for both sites with coaching contacts, pool directions, information about training groups, and links to other general club information. If you can send some swimmer pictures to me at webadmin@cgacswim.org I would like to post on these pages.

3. Content Management System (CMS) Roll Out:  Team Unify has updated team websites with their new CMS design templates.  We will begin using our new site sometime in late December /early January 2019.  What does this mean for you?  It means that you will begin seeing a newly designed CGAC team website.  All of the current information and functionality will continue to exist.  In fact, it should be easier to find information on our website, as we will more buttons, links and features to use for all three sites.  You do NOT have to do anything different and your account logins will NOT change.  We are excited to roll out the newly designed website soon.  

4. Website Calendars Updates:  The practice calendar on our website is mostly for the CGAC site and some events are for all three sites.  When changes are made to any team calendars, families and swimmers are notified by email or text message from coaches or sometimes posted on our FB site.  You should always defer to the email for practice/time changes.  We will try and make practice/time changes as soon as we are able to access the website calendar (sometimes admins and coaches are at work and cannot update the calendars in real time).  If your calendars are synced to the team calendar, please remember that the practice changes may not show immediately on your mobile device.

Ongoing Updates & Reminders

Mid-States Applications – Team Indiana is now accepting applications for Mid-States All-Star Championships until December 10th.  For more information, click HERE.

Billing: Due to the timing of the Pike meet, those fees will be included on the December 1st billings.

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