5 Science-Backed Training Tips Swimmers Can Use to Dominate the Pool

Swimmers spend a lot of time working on their technique and conditioning in the water.

Around and around the black line they go, throwing up astronomical numbers of meters and yards on their quest to being at their physical peak on race day. 

But very few will spend a fraction of that time working on their mental resiliency in the water. Which is odd, as most of the issues that come up for swimmers are because of the way they mentally approach the sport.

For instance, when things don't go their way in competition, swimmers will say that they choked or froze under pressure. They will complain and short-shrift their effort and focus in training, costing them valuable opportunities to improve. All of these things originate between the ears, and yet, there's a small appetite to give them any kind of meaningful attention.

Which is too bad—getting a grip on your mindset will help you remove the invisible parking brake that's keeping you from reaching your peak potential in the water. With that in mind, here are five of my favorite mental tips that can help swimmers level up their mindset in and out of the pool. READ FULL ARTICLE