Spartan PASS Meet Write Up: 3 to LMR

Our team trekked to Chilliwack this past Sunday for our second PASS meet of the season. Everyone did such an amazing job! The coaches were very proud to see the swimmers push past their limits!

We kicked off the meet with 100IM – Rhea and Amira tackled it like champions racing side by side, Kristy and Hunar stood out with their super tight streamlines, and Ethan got the coaches attention with his speedy arms.

200IM was next and a big shout out goes to Jamie, Jayron, and Adrian for achieving under 4:00 minutes! This qualifies them for LMR meets now. Hunar stood out in backstroke by moving her arms as fast as a windmill. Raneem fought through the race without her goggles and raced with 100% effort until the very end. Ryan mastered his turns off every wall and stood out from everyone else in his heat. Yuhna raced her first 200 IM and was completely out of breath at the end because she never gave up!

Our brave Knights then tackled the 25m and 50m butterfly. Marykris stood out the most to the coaches by congratulating her competitor in the lane next to her at the end of the race, awesome sportsmanship Marykris!

Then came 200m freestyle where we saw some ultra fast swimmers. Amelie and Amanat has the speediest arms, whereas Gurmeya and Noah had the speediest feet! Edward and Eric raced to the finish by keeping their head down in the last 5 meters. A special recognition to Esha, Harsheen, and Soriyah who were consistently cheering at the other end of the pool and behind the blocks!

50m backstroke was next with some of the best streamlines and flip turns the coaches have ever seen! It is very important to master flip turns in backstroke because it makes the race go very smoothly and ultimately makes the swimmers swim faster!

The last event started, and our Knights were super eager to go out with a bang. Kevyn and Damian had amazing underwater pullouts, Evan and Matthew had high stroke rates, Daniel and Eshaan represented the Surrey Knights with their strong finishes, and Sahana and Eunice had the whole team cheering for them!

The skittles cup is always a tough decision because we see so many swimmers who stand out. The second Skittles cup winners went to Amira and Jayron, congratulations!

Notable mentions were awarded to Noah, Matthew, Adrian, Marykris, Kristy, Hunar, Rhea, and Raneem. Well done swimmers!

We are very excited for more PASS meets and to see the swimmers race with their maximum effort!