September 2018 GSSC Meeting Minutes


GSSC Board Meeting Minutes

September 27, 2018


Location: Burien Fire station 29, 900 SW 146th St, Burien, WA 98166

Present: Mike Joyal, Vice President

Charlene Li, Secretary

                Rebekah Funk, Treasurer

                Renee Birchfield, Social Chair

                Renata Kurprisz, Accounts Receivable

                Sharon Martin, Concessions Chair

NEXT GSSC BOARD MEETING to be held on Thursday, October 25th, 2018, at 7pm, at the Burien Fire Station 29, 900 SW 146th St, Burien, WA 98166


*Called to order by President, Mike Joyal at 7:06pm

  1. President Report – Mark Dorsey  (electronically submitted)

Signed checks


Multiple communications with Arbor Heights regarding alleged vandalism to their club. In the process of reaching out to the families that were named in the act and encouraging them to resolve directly with AH. The ongoing theme here was to distance our club from any liability. This should be a recurring theme if it happens next year and beyond. If we bend on that, then we open up our club to future liabilities. We should also have a sit down with our teams prior to the season starting to address this issue so we can prevent future occurrences.


We should be preparing for the year-end meeting. @Charlene Li can you please prepare an email for the election (you can search for previous years for a template) and the positions that will be coming available/term length, etc.? Would be nice to know if anyone as spoken interest for any of the open positions.


We will also need to set a date in November (Mark is out 15th-19th).

Regarding Lori's position, based on our last meeting, I assume that we will elect a person to replace her, and that person will have the power to hire persons to manage each team (Swim Manager, Dive Manager, and Tennis Manager). If everyone agrees, then we should have Charlene include this in the year-end meeting email.


  1. Vice President’s Report-Mike Joyal

•Our response to Arbor Heights vandalism is perfect.  Board in agreement.

●RE: Team coordinator position, Carrie Rasmussen will be sending out a job description including responsibilities

●According to the bylaws, there needs to be one head team coordinator and we can reach out to people to see what interest is there for the individual teams.  Charlene Li will reach out to prospective candidates to encourage their interest.

●Positions that are up for elections are President, Secretary, and Teams Coordinator

●Renee Birchfield will remain as our social chair.  Tyra Erickson will shadow her this year to understand the position responsibilities and possibly run for the position in the future.

●Second work party has been completed.  The work was done by approximately 12 to 15 people very quickly and efficiently.

●Winter openings: 2 days at a time.  4 day pack for $20/ family.  1 winter session and early spring session.  Bring the pool temperature to 95 degrees.  To confirm with Chris Reed these dates.

●Doggie Day is still open for putting on the calendar.


  1. Treasurer Report – Rebekah Funk

•reconciling receipts is difficult as there are currently 3 separate systems to check-Renata Kurpricz and Rebekah Funk will work on streamlining these systems in the off season.

•Pass out preliminary financial report

●During the summer social meeting, members wanted to keep dues and fees lower than neighboring pools


  1. Secretary Report – Charlene Li

• Ask that facility locker room (stalls and bathroom) door locks be replaced.  Ask that showerheads in lock rooms be replaced.  Charlene Li has brought item descriptions and prices.  Mike Joyal and Chris Reed will have the work order done.


  1. Accounts Receivable – Renata Kurpisz

•Only 2 people have not paid their maintenance fee

Sniver-because they have indicated that they wanted to sell their membership, but then they have not followed through.

DeTeurk-wanted to change to honorary so they haven’t paid, but they still have to pay even when honorary.


  1. Membership – Carrie Rasmussen




  1. Concessions-Sharon Martin


•All City Dive concessions was a loss because of the lack of attendees.

•Reflecting on the season, a bigger push for volunteers would be great

•the final inventory was sold over a 4 day people with positive feedback

●Items that are shelf stable are still in the closet

●The snow cone maker was a great money maker and much easier to use after the Normandy Park person conducted a tune up on the machine.

●Future ideas include: cotton candy, potato, chili, nachos.  Institute a volunteer prep position to help set up concessions.  Costco combined delivery with pool manager and social chair next year.


  1.   Social Coordinator- Renee Birchfield


•Sharon Martin offered promoting support

•Will continue in this position and Stacey Manning will not be


  1. Team Coordinator-Lori Box




  1.  Manager-Chris Reed


•End of Season staffed well

•Head Lifeguards will not be back next season

•Has been approached by many people concerning capital improvements.

•Consider raising the membership cap during the general meeting vote.


  1. Final notes


Charlene Li asked if any members have been approached or know of a potential candidate for the upcoming elections.Jeff Nowls was suggested as a possibility for the position of President.Sharon Martin said she would inquire of his interest.


NEXT BOARD MEETING WILL BE HELD ON Thursday, October 25th, 2018, at 7pm, at the Burien Fire Station 29, 900 SW 146th St, Burien, WA 98166


Meeting Adjourned at 8:01pm


Written and submitted by: Secretary Charlene Li