Tiger Times - October and November 2018

Hello PTAC!

Please see our latest installment of the PTAC Swimmer created newsletter.

This is a double issue for October and November - so it is really packed with a lot of great information.   Be sure to take a look and show to your swimmers!!

As always a special thanks to Aditi for all her wort to put this together.  She is calling for more contributions from the swimmers, especially with the new "Tiger Talents" section.   Please see her note below!

Hello everyone!
My name is Aditi Pavuluri and I am in the Juniors group. I write our team's newsletter, the Tiger Times. I have introduced a new segment in the newsletter called as 'Tiger Talents'. I would love to have swimmers share what they are interested outside of swimming (Hobbies, Sports, Music, etc.). It would be a fun way to get to know more about our teammates. What you would need to provide in order to be featured in the next issue of the Tiger Times, is one or more  photographs a brief description of the  activity. For a good example, make sure to check out this month's issue of the Tiger Times, and you will see one swimmer's contribution. 
Please submit all entries via email to aditipavuluri@gmail.com. 
Thank you,