US Winter Nationals Day 4 Report

01 December 2018 (Greensboro, North Carolina) - Day 4 finals, the last day of racing for our crew in the US, saw the international debut of Sho Neilson (ýýýý‚ýýý) in the “C” final of the 200m backstroke after swimming a 2:07.68 in prelims. Also swimming the 200m backstroke today were Ella Varga, 2:19.32, and Alexandra Butler, 2:22.65, and Cole Pratt, 2:06.43.

At night Cole Pratt, in the “B” final of the fly - a spot he has seen himself in a couple of times already this week, put up another solid effort. Last summer at the 2018 Canadian Swimming Trials in Edmonton Cole swam to the bronze in his lifetime best of 2:01.62 — this morning his was 2:03.82. All weekend Cole has been able to make strong swims in the prelims and then big drops at night in the finals. Tonight was no different going in as the 2nd seed in the “B” final he took it out a bit quicker, a tactic that he has been working on with the coaches all season. Part of the trip down to the US is to get our swimmers used to the challenge of how fast they have be in the prelims to het to the finals and then how fast they need to be out in the front of the race to be competitive. Cole was more than two seconds better at night just a few hundredths off of his lifetime best time in 2:01.71.

Prelim Splits: 27.89  31.21  32.15     32.57

                              59.10  1:31.25  2:03.82

Finals Splits: 27.36  30.93   31.82     31.60

                              58.29   1:30.11   2:01.71

In the men’s 200m backstroke “C” final Sho Neilson swam just off his best time with a 2:07.68 effort in the morning to get into the finals. This was Sho’s only swim in the meet and he was determined to make it count and he did just that by making a seconds swim in the in the backstroke event. Neilson’s best time of 2:04.93 came from Canadian Junior Championships in 2017 and after a few months in Japan and then back again last summer Sho was ready to go here at the US Winter National Championships. What is incredible about a meet like this in the US is the depth of field the swimmers are up against when they dive in to one of the finals. The difference between 1st and 8th in almost all of these “A”, “B” and “C” finals is pretty darn close. 

Prelim Splits: 30.49   32.80      32.11     32.28

                               1:03.29   1:35.40  2:07.68

Finals Splits: 29.97   32.30      31.90    32.23

                               1:02.27   1:34.17  2:06.40

You can watch Sho Neilson's 200m backstroke event through the youtube link below:

You can watch Cole Pratt's 200m butterfly event through the youtube link below: