MAKOS Holiday Classic Meet Updates & Warm Ups

2018 Holiday Spirit Classic Hosted by Miami University and MAKOS

December 7-9, 2018

Held under the Sanction of United States Swimming, Inc. Sanction #OH-19SC

POOL LOCATION:Corwin M. Nixon Aquatic Center, Miami University, Oxford, Ohio: 750 S. Oak St.,Oxford, OH 45056   rec phone 513-529-1844

  POOL TYPE:The Corwin M. Nixon pool is a 50-meter x 25-yard pool with adjacent diving well. The competition pool will consist of two 25-yard courses, 9 lanes each in prelims with a depth of 6 to 10 feet.  Continuous warm-up and warm-down areas will be available in the diving well. The competition course has been certified in accordance with 104.2.2C (4). The copy of such certification is on file with USA Swimming;

Note:  Swimmers will not be permitted in the adjacent leisure pool.

RULES:The meet will be governed by current USA-S Swimming Rules.  All participants must be currently registered USA-S Athletes as provided in Article 302.  There will be no USA-S registration at the meet.  

  • Age as of the first day of competition will determine eligibility for the meet. 
  • Ohio LSC swimming safety guidelines and warm-up procedures will be in effect at this meet.  See the section: Warm-ups for description of warm-up procedures in this meet.
  • Any swimmer entered in the meet must be certified by a USA Swimming member coach as being proficient in performing a racing start or must start each race from within the water.  When unaccompanied by a member-coach, it is the responsibility of the swimmer or the swimmer's legal guardian to ensure compliance with this requirement.
  • In compliance with USA Swimming Rules and Regulations the use of audio or visual recording devices, including a cell phone, is not permitted in changing areas, rest rooms, or locker rooms. Please refer to the Safe Sport section of the Ohio Swimming, Inc. policies and procedures for further information regarding the use of visual recording devices.
  • Under no circumstances are cameras or any other recording device allowed in the area immediately behind the starting blocks at either end of the racing course(s) while they are in use for race starts during the competition and warm-up.
  • Deck changes are prohibited.
  • Unless approved in writing in advance of the competition by the Vice President of Program Operations, operation of a drone, or any other flying apparatus, is prohibited over the venue (pools, athlete/coach areas, spectator areas and open ceiling locker rooms) any time athletes, coaches, officials and/or spectators are present.


MEET MOBILE APP: 2018 OH MAKO Holiday Spirit Invitational

Friday evening events and all relay events will be TIMED FINALS.

The 1000 yard freestyle will be a TIMED FINAL event on Sunday morning. Positive Check in will close at 10am on Sunday. 

  • All heats of the 1000-yard freestyle will be swum fastest to slowest following Sunday morning prelims in two courses.
  • We reserve the right to limit the number of heats in the 1000 to 3 for each gender.

yesALL SPY SWIMMERS are Expected to Return to Swim at FINALS if swimmer qualifies.

enlightenedSCRATCH RULE:Scratching from finals will be allowed in accordance with current OSI Handbook.  A swimmer who fails to appear for a consolation or championship final race in which he/she qualified without scratching shall be charged a fine of $50 if the event is the swimmers’ last event of the meet.  The $50 penalty fee should be charged to the swimmers’ club or to the swimmer themselves in the event that they are unattached. This penalty fee should be paid to the host club within 14 days of the conclusion of the meet.

SCHEDULE: Our Swimmers should be prepared to be SUITED Up to Swim Fast.

Friday Evening Events:     

  • Team Stretch 5:10 PM
  • Balcony Pool Lane 1-2   5:20-5:40pm
  • Session Begins 6:05 PM
  • Teammates will be needed as lapcounters for our 500 Free swimmers

We reserve the right to requite positive check in on Friday evening if the timeline is over four hours.

  Saturday Events:

Saturday Morning Session (13-14, 15 & Over ) 

  • Team Stretch 7:20am
  •  Scoreboard Pool Lane 1-3  7:30-7:55am                                    
  •  Session Begins 8:05 AM 

Saturday Afternoon Session (11-12; 9-10)     

  • Team Stretch 12:40pm
  •  Balcony Pool Lane 4 12:50-1:10pm                                    
  •  Session Begins 1:35pm

 Saturday FINALS SESSION                    

   9 & Over events 

  • 13 & Older Kids> Be on Deck & Ready 5:25pm
  • Pool 5:30 PM  
  • 12 & Younger warm up about 5:50pm as older kids finish up             
  • Session FINALS: 6:30 PM
  • NOTE:  There is only one championship heat at night for the 9-10 age group events

Sunday Events:

Sunday Morning Session (13-14, 15 & Over )            

  • Be on Pool Deck & Ready to swim at 7:00am (Team Stretch after pool warm-up)
  •  Balcony Pool Lane 1-3  7:05-7:25am                                    
  •  Session Begins 8:05 AM 

Sunday Afternoon Session (11-12; 9-10)       

  • Team Stretch 12:20pm
  •  Scoreboard Pool Lane 4 12:30-12:50pm                                    
  •  Session Begins 1:35pm

 Sunday FINALS SESSION                      

9 & Over events 

  • 13 & Older Kids> Be on Deck & Ready 5:25pm
  • Pool 5:30 PM  
  • 12 & Younger warm up about 5:50pm as older kids finish up             
  • Session FINALS: 6:30 PM
  • NOTE:  There is only one championship heat at night for the 9-10 age group events

WARM-UPS:   Swimmers must enter the water feet first from the edge of the pool with one hand in contact with the deck.  Teams will be assigned warm-up lanes prior to the meet.  Check the website for assignments. 

MEET MARSHALS: Marshals have authority through the Meet Director to control warm-ups.  A swimmer and/or coach may be removed from the deck for non-compliance with warm-up procedures.

DIRECTIONS: Maps available on the MAKOS website.


Event parking will be available in the parking garage located next to the Recreational Sports Center. There is limited street parking around the Rec Center. You will need to pay any meters, and you must park in a legal parking space. Questions about parking should be directed to the Parking Service Office at 513-529-8535. Check the website for any other parking information


There will be NO Clerk of Course.

All swimmers should report directly to the starting blocks for their events.

All swimmers are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner.  It is the responsibility of all parents to ensure all minor participants/spectators are well behaved and under supervision at all times.  Any swimmer acting in an inappropriate manner will be reported to their coach.  If the swimmer is reported a second time, they will be banned from participating for the remainder of the meet.

ALL parents are to remain in the gallery area and are not permitted on the pool deck unless they are serving in a volunteer capacity such as a timer or meet official.


Natatorium concessions are available to everyone.  Hospitality for coaches and workers will be available in the Wet Classroom, adjacent to the pool entrance.                                         


            SwimvilleUSA Swim Shop will be available at the meet.


Deck Access: Deck access is restricted to competing athletes, registered coaches, officials and meet workers. No parent or spectator will be allowed on deck except at the request of the meet officials or meet director.

Locker Rooms and Changing Facilities: The Women and Men’s locker rooms are located on the pool deck level.  Locker space is not available. Belongings may be stored on deck in team areas.  Miami University is not responsible for any lost or stolen items.

First Aid/Training Needs: Lifeguards are trained to handle water emergencies and first aid on the deck.  Please report all first aid issues to the Aquatic Staff.

Prohibited Items: The following items are not permitted in the facility: Glass, lawn chairs, coolers, and helium balloons. There is no food allowed on the pool deck.

Banners: One professionally made banner per team may be displayed. All banners will be hung by the facility staff.

Flash Photography: Flash photography is not permitted at the start of any race.

Deck changing is not permitted.

Team Seating: Team seating is available on a first-come basis by session. Belongings should be removed from the deck between sessions for area cleaning. Spectator gallery is also available on a first-come basis.  Saving of seats is prohibited. 

Wireless Internet Access: Wireless internet access will be available throughout the meet. Access through MU-Guest.

heartToys For Tots:  PLEASE NOTE!

This meet is named the “Holiday Spirit Classic” with the intent of reminding all participants to think about the spirit of giving during the holiday season.  In promoting this spirit, each swimmer is asked to bring one unwrapped, new toy, which will be collected at the meet in marked barrels and given to a less fortunate child via the Toys for Tots program.  The Makos team asks that all coaches communicate this request to all swimmers and parents in their program with the goal of collecting hundreds of toys at this meet which will later be wrapped and distributed to the under privileged children in the area.  Thanks, in advance, for your help in this worthwhile cause.  Over the past several years, swimmers have made this effort very successful.



Use of any portion of the Recreational Sports Center by parents, athletes, and siblings while not involved in the meet is available for a $9.00 a day for adults and $7.00 a day charge for children ages 2-12 at the Membership window.  You will receive a wristband.  There is an additional charge for the climbing wall or to attend classes.  The Fitness Center is for adults (over 18 years of age) use only.

Facility Hours**                                                  Leisure Pool Hours**

Friday                6am -11pm                                 Friday                7am – 10:45pm

Saturday             8am -11pm                                 Saturday             8am – 10:45pm

Sunday              10am -11pm                               Sunday              10am –10:45pm 

** Children 14 and under must be accompanied in all facility areas by an adult.  Youth 15 – 18 years old are required to have a parent purchase the youth’s pass. Call (513) 529-8181 for additional information.