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FLIGHT PLAN 12/5/2018


I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and are staying stress-free this holiday season!!!  I’m going to try to give one summary of what we have coming up between now and the first week of the New Year!  Here I go!  (Read everything, please):

Upcoming Dates to Know:

Dec 7th – Last day to donate for the Adopt-a-Family Gift Card collection (Avery only)

Dec 8th – Practice for Zeppelins ONLY @ AVERY; 8:00-9:00 AM Zeppelin 2; 9:00-10:00 AM Zeppelin 1

Dec 8-9th – HOSC Candy Cane Meet (more meet info to come)

Dec 12th – Last day to donate to the Adopt-a-Child for Christmas collection (Galowich only)

Dec 14th – Last day to donate to the Adopt-a-Child for Christmas collection (Smith Only)

Dec 15th – Regular Saturday Practice

Dec 21st – Regular Practice

Dec 22nd – Regular Saturday Practice (both Avery & Smith)

  • JETS Christmas Pool Party @ Avery YMCA 6:00-8:00 PM (see details below)

Dec 24-25 – No Practices

Dec 26-29; Jan 2-3 – Grinch Weeks Practices.  See event in Team Unify for detailed practice schedule

Dec 31-Jan1 – No Practices

Jan 4-5 – No practices due to huge attendance numbers for the MAVS Meet

Special Events:

Adopt-a-family/Adopt-a-Child is going on at all our Y locations this Holiday Season.  I grabbed three “Need Ornaments” – one from Galowich, one from Smith, one from Avery.  Here are the needs that I would like us to come together to provide for our community members in need:

Avery – Family Gift Card

Smith – Girl, age 12 (donations will provide a wrapped gift)

Galowich – Boy, age 13 (donations will provide a wrapped gift)

You’re probably asking yourself, “How can I donate?”  The Lead Site Coaches will have an envelope at each branch – you simply drop your money into that envelope between now and the due date.  “But, how much should I give?”  There is no donation too small, just give from the heart.  If every swimmer just gave just one dollar, we would be able to provide a pretty nice set of gifts for these kids and family.  

Team Photos are on their way!

I was given a sneak peek of the individual and team photos from our shoot with PMI Photography, and they turned out awesome!  The photos should arrive by the end of the week to Avery.  I will be putting up ONE VOLUNTEER SLOT worth ONE SESSION to help me sort and distribute the photographs quickly to all the families.  I will post this job at 9:00 PM tomorrow night!  First come first serve!

JETS Christmas Party

We are hosting a JETS Christmas Pool Party on Saturday evening, Dec 22nd from 6:00-8:00 pm at the Avery YMCA Family Pool!!!  My intent in doing a weekend/evening pool party is to allow parents to drop off their JETS swimmers while they go get last minute errands done for Christmas.  We are going to charge $5.00 for the pizzas – payment for this can be made at the front desk of your Y.  We are also asking swimmers/families to bring either a beverage, dessert, or snacks to share.  I will have a sign up for those items in the event file by the end of the week – look under volunteer signup for the list of food items you can sign up for.  Family members need to be accompanied by an adult if they are younger than 6 years old.

Head Coach’s Notes:

Billing draws for the remainder of the season.  The JPAC (JETS Parents Advisory Council) voted on the dates for the final billing draws for fundraising and Volunteering.  Please take note of these dates:

Dec 15th – Fundraising Payment due if paying by check – Check made out to “Greater Joliet Area YMCA”

Jan 1st – Fundraising payment will draw from your account via Team Unify (if not paid already)

Feb 1st – Fundraising deficit payments & Fundraising Buyouts will draw from Team Unify Accounts

Mar 1st – Volunteer payments & Volunteer deficit buyouts will draw from Team Unify Accounts

***Once I have your amount owed for the fundraiser, I will send out to you.