Mariner Closures

Hello Team,

As you can see from the updates on the calendar tab on the website, there are many cancelations happening at Mariner.

Here are some notes on this topic:

  1. We expect some closures at Mariner (typically 2/month) due to concerts, games, special events, mechanical issues, etc.  Normal closures like this are built into the SRST fees.  In other words, as a year-round sports team you are paying monthly for a year-round experience with some closures and schedule changes.
  2. Mariner is closed on all Holidays by school policy.
  3. We are a two pool swim team and will continue to be.
  4. Swimmers at either SAC or Mariner can swim at the other facility when there is a closure.  On a rare occasion both pools are closed.

Given the abnormal number of closures at Mariner this season and considering some families cannot make the drive to Snohomish I am going to offer closure credits to Everett area families that request it. 

Here is how the credits will work:

A) If a family comes to SAC during the Mariner closures they cannot request a credit.
B) Families must email Coach Ben and request their credit.
C) Coach Ben will look at the total number of workouts offered M-F for the month in question.  Each workout will be given an even dollar value for the monthly membership fees associated with the roster group.  For all closures above 2 per month, a prorated credit will be applied.  Example:  There are 6 closures in a month for AG2 ($230/mo).  Removing the expected/reasonable number of closures (2) leaves 4 closures.  We will assume 20 available workouts in the month for this example.  This gives each workout a value of $11.50.  4 closures x $11.50 would come to a total credit of $46.
D) Families are not offered credits when missing practice (when the pool is open); this is only for pool closures.

Please let me know if there are any questions.


Coach Ben