Long Beach Wins 1st Dual Meet

Long Beach Defeats Echo Park In Dual Meet  

This past Saturday, December 8, Long Beach Aquatics competed in their first dual meet of the 2018-19 Winter Season. We are pleased to announce that the final score was LB: 191- Echo 136. Dual Meets are a great way for the younger and newer team members to get involved and learn the basics of a swim meet. Dual meets usually last no more than 90 minutes (unlike USS meets that can be 4 hours) and the swimmers can see the results right away, as there are only 6 swimmers in each event (instead of 50-100). The first 3 place finishers score points for the team in each of the individual events, and for the relays, the first place finisher will score points. We are so proud to say that LB had 25 1st place finishers, 22 2nd place finishers, and 15 3rd place finishers! We also had 4 clean sweeps in which LB got 1-2-3 place across the board in 4 different events!

                Starting off the meet the right way with the 200 Medley relays, and winning 3 out of 4 of these relays were the Jr Girls & Jr Boys Medley relays as well as the Sr. Girls Medley relay. The Jr Girls Medley relay consisted of Ava Policaro, Addison Bradley, Antonia Sy & Vivienne Zangaro. The Jr Boys Medley relay was Nicholas DeAngelis, Dylan Schimmel, Angel Santillan & Sawyer Lieberman. The Sr Girls Medley relay was Kaitlin Michak, Marli Murphy, Gabi Pepe and Amy Ramon. At the end of the meet was the Freestyle relays and our Jr Girls brought home the gold with a relay team of Alexis Egbert, Sarah Mallia, Caroline Miller and Stephanie DeAngelis.

                Going home with the individual wins at this meet was; Stephanie DeAngelis, Dylan Schimmel, Amy Ramon, Samir Souidi, Machara Moriarty, Audrey Prafder, Angel Santillan, Kaitlin Minchak, Freddy Ramon, Kaitlyn Tom, Anthony Marra, Jessica Bassett, Addison Bradley, Nicholas DeAngelis, Ava Policaro, Antonia Sy, & Marli Murphy. Going home with 2nd place ribbons was; Shannon O’Shea, Thomas Potash, Daniel Bannister, Avery Russell, Sawyer Lieberman, Olivia Guille, Anthony Pesce, Gabi Pepe, Nicholas DeAngelis, Melanie Proper, Brandon Kozlik, Marli Murphy, Anthony Marra, Michael Potash, Alexis Egbert, & Samir Souidi. And leaving with 3rd place ribbons was; Declan Bradley, Samantha Bannister, Sophia Bolz, Rayna Barnhill, Ian Olivio, Matt McCaffrey, Molly Graham, Caroline Miller, Frank Albergo, Kaylee Palmer, Josh Ciobanu, Thomas Potash, Vivienne Zangaro, and Aiden O’Shea. 

                Long Beach Swept 4 different events going home with 1st-2nd and 3rd place in 9/10 Girls 50 Backstroke, 11-12 girls 50 Backstroke, 13-16 Girls 100 Breaststroke, and 8/Under Boys 25 Butterfly. Our 2nd dual meet is Sunday December 16 at Hewlett High School at 7:00 am.

Great job by all! Keep up the great work!