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Weekend Schedule (Friday and Saturday Reminders)

Weekend Schedule (Friday and Saturday Updates/Reminders)

Friday and Saturday will be the below offered GCY practices, there is NO Flex Friday.  Saturday is ONLY at Bryan YMCA (no Ragsdale practice Saturday morning due to 2 swim meets)

Friday, Dec 14th 

  • GAC: 5:15-7am only - Nat Prep, Nat 1, Nat 2, Seniors, and morning only swimmers (morning before school only) - NOTE - there is no 11am-1pm practice even though schools were cancelled again, the GAC will be setting up for the meet so that time was not available)
  • Ragsdale: Normal AG, Senior Prep, Senior practices (Makos make-up see chart below)
  • Spears: Normal AG, Makos 1&2 (Makos make-up see chart below)
  • Bryan YMCA: ALL NORMAL, Normal Homeschool, AG, Senior Prep, Nat Prep, Nat 1/2, Senior (Makos make-up see chart below).  
  • Reidsville/Hayes-Taylor: No classes offered on Friday/Saturday (normal).

Makos Make-Up Friday Offerings (normal/same/no changes): 

Bryan Ragsdale Spears Hayes-Taylor Reidsville
3:30 Only:    Makos 1&2 4:00 Makos 1, 5:00 Makos 2, 6:00 Makos 3 4:15-5:15pm Makos 1&2 No Makos groups on Fridays No Makos groups on Fridays

REMINDER for National Teams Friday Schedule:

  • ALL (Nat Prep, Nat 1, Nat 2, Seniors) have a full practice option at GAC Friday AM (5:15-7am at GAC)
  • NORMAL Friday evening at Bryan YMCA (5:30pm-7:45pm Nat Prep and 5:00pm-7:45pm Nat 1/2 and Seniors)

Saturday, Dec 15th at the Bryan YMCA ONLY (no Ragsdale practices):

  Makos 1,2&FIT Makos 1,2&FIT Age Group Senior Prep Senior Nat Prep Nat 1 Nat 2
Bryan YMCA  8:30am-10:00am 8:30am-10am 8:30-10am 8:30-10am 7am-10am 8am-10am 7am-10am 7am-10am
Ragsdale YMCA
No Sat pract 
No Sat pract  No Sat pract  No Sat pract  No Sat pract  No Sat pract  No Sat pract  No Sat pract 

Sunday, Dec 16th - No Sunday Practices