RECAP: December SC (WAG and Junior Nationals)

Way to go Beach Cities!!!!!!!

We had a phenomenal Last Ditch/Winter Age Group Champs and Junior Nationals.  Way to close out 2018 in style.  Congratulations to all the kids who dropped time, swam new things, made new cuts, broke team records, made finals for the first time, made the podium for the first time, swam on the "A" relay for the first time......the list goes on.  Super proud of you all and my staff for a job well done. So bummed that I missed so many great races.  We were obsessed with getting the WAG results from meet mobile and when it wasn't loading fast enough.......we were texting to find out.

We gave Mission Viejo a run for their money at WAG and at Juniors, so much so, that they were talking about it constantly.  When I was hired, this is where I said we wanted to be to be in 10 years....with Mission and AZOT.  Well, that was 5.5 years ago, and here we are. Next stop NOVA :)  We have surpassed AZOT and at times we do beat MVN, but this weekend was a pretty accurate assessment of both age group programs, theirs being over 50 years old, and ours 6. We are coming in like a freight train.  Below are the accomplishments of the competitive groups.

High Performance  Group - Junior Nationals Austin Texas (18th Place)

Kai Bathurst - (13 points )

50 Free - dropped .5 and went under 21 for the first time with a 20.72. 

100 Free - 22nd Place dropped a second here and went 45.1. 

200 Free -  6th Place 1:36.46 and made his first A Final / Medal at Junior Nationals. 

500 Free -  10th Place dropped almost 3 seconds for 4:26.8.

100 Back -  dropped 1 second for 51.03. 

200 Fly -  21st Place 1:49.1.  

Kai had a great outing at Juniors and is ready to get back to the drawing board.  This Juniors was extremely fast and he stepped up to make his way to finals swims. Way to go Kai!


Alex Crisera (53 Points )

50 Free  - 1st Place,  Junior National Champion with a  time of 22.4

100 Free - 23rd Place 50.23 a bit off her best time, but was swum about 12 minutes after her 200 back.

200 Free - 12th Place 1:48.02 solid swim here and about .5 off her best.

200IM -  22nd Place with an add of 1.4 for a  2:01.4

100 Back - 7th Place with an add of one second for a 53.80

200 Back - 3rd Place behind the two fastest women in the 200 back in the country this year, going 1:54.84

Alex had a very strong meet, making several finals, scoring many points for the team and swimming really tough in December.


Ema Kakazu  

200IM - 2:07.6 on her best

50 Free - 24.1 just off her best

100 Free - 51.48 on her best

Ema did a really nice job at her first Juniors. She swam right on her best times in all her events and was a great teammate.  First big meet like that is always trying, but she handled it well.


Ike Shirakata 

200 IM - Ike had a great time here, but ended up getting DQ'd for a one have touch.  Time was 1:49

50 Free - 22.9. This was literally 2 minutes after his 2IM.  He had to just stand there, wait for a heat of 50's and go again. Way to show some grit.

400 IM - 3:58, a best time by 1 second

100 Breast - 19th Place. 55. 94 best time by .26

200 Breast - 27th Place, Little off his best at 2:02 and missed a second swim

200 Fly - 1:55.7, Was way off, and was right after his 200 breast.  Gritty swim for sure.  Not nearly enough time to hit that double and do well in both.

Winter Age Group Championships Huntington Beach  (2nd Place)

Though I did not see many of these swims (only results), I can tell you that these kids stepped up. Sunday everyone was tired and sore and they still did a pretty darn good job.  Way to bring it. Jamie Brennan and Zack Yakubik led the charge point wise for this group. Wahoooooo High Performance Group!  This meet was particularly challenging due to the terrible timeline and short turnaround time during finals.  Way to adapt everyone.


David Amano (14 points)

Attacked all of his races and always came up to the coaches with a smile on his face and was in good spirits, great teammate.

400 IM - 22nd Place with a time of 4:31.06

200 Back - 5th Place drop of .69 for 2:00.36

500 Free - 33rd Place drop of 2.56 for a 5:07.5

100 Back - 16th Place with a time of 56.91

200 IM - 36th Place with a time 2:06.86

100 Fly - 35th Place drop of 2.56 for a 56.42

Relays - Was a key player in all the relays this meet.


Jamie Brennan (90 points High Point for the Girls)

Just likes to beat up on people bigger than her. You know it's going to be a fun heat to watch when Jamie is in it. Jamie was receptive and quick to change little things in races for a better (faster) PM swim. 

100 Breast - WAG Champion 1.22 drop for a 1:04, just missing her Junior National cut of 1:03.89.

100 Free - 2nd Place 51.9 just off her best time.

200IM WAG Champion 3.3 drop for a 2:05.8 (Juniors is a 2:03.09 :)

200 Free - 2nd Place 1:51.6 with a .42 drop and under the Junior Bonus time

50 Free - 24.3 for 3rd Place

Relays - Jamie was also an key member of all the relays this weekend.


Ryan Brennan (37 points)

Going into the meet, Ryan had a goal of swimming faster at night, and that he did!! He put a couple of fun finals races together. He is developing and maturing into a fierce competitor, just like his Sister! :)

100 Breast - WAG Champion with a drop of .82 for 59.1

100 Free - 36 Place drop of .20  for a 50.8

100 Back - 22nd Place drop of .15 for 57.7

200 IM - 23rd Place drop of 1.54 for 2:03.2

200 Breast - 2nd Place right on his best for 2:10.16

50 Free - 35th Place with a 23.5

Relays - Was a key player in his relays this meet.


Roger Brown (44 Points)

Anyone else want to race 3x200 Flys in one day? Downtown Roger Brown sure did and crushed it all weekend for his team. He was a WAG Champion and dropped in almost all his races.

200 Back - 2nd place drop of 1.98 for a 1:55.2

100 Free - 25th Place for a time of 49.90

100 Back - WAG Champion drop of 1.09 for a 52.83

200 Fly - 10th Place drop of 3.07 for a 2:02.1

200 Free - 28th Place drop of 3.15 for a 1:49.9

50 Free - 18th Place for a 22.17

100 Fly - 18th Place for a 54.55

Relays - Roger played a key role on all his relays


Nikki Cooper 

Nikki did not have the meet she wanted. She was really only happy with her 2Br.  The fall was hard on all the Seniors and their respective trips to see schools.  Looking forward to Spring Sectionals and some time drops before CIF.

200 Back - 15th Place for a 2:14.7

100 Breast - 14th Place for a 1:11.05

100 Back - 21st Place for a 1:03.6

200 IM - 23rd Place for a 2:17.6

200 Breast - 17th Place drop of .64 for 2:33.6

50 Free - 33rd Place for a 26.2

Relays - Was a key player in all the relays this meet.


Slate Davis (24 Points)

Slate has not been with us a full year yet, and still adapting to the training.  He had some great swims and was an integral part of the BCS relays this past weekend.  He conducts himself so well and is getting some really great race experiences leading into the HS season.

100 Free - 8th Place drop of .73 for 48.37

100 Back - 14th Place with a time of 56.27

200 Free - 24th Place drop of .59 for 1:49.5

50 Free - 6th place with 22.10

Relays - Was a key player on her relays this meet.


Riley Farrell (18 points)

Was good taking care of the process according to the coaches at the meet. Still working her way back from illness and all that goes on into ones Senior year. Sectionals will be the next test.

400IM - 8th place with a time of 4:40.8

100 Breast - 10th Place with a time of 1;09.6

100 Free - 23rd Place with a time of 56.09

200IM - 13th Place with a 2:15.05

Relays - Was a key player in her relays this meet.


Daniel Fuentes (13 Points)

Daniel learned that he needs to check in for all of his races so that he doesn't have to swim in the last heat of the event. ;) It's always fun to watch Daniel race, take it out aggressively and hold on for as long as he can. He knows he has a few things to work on before Sectionals.  He had a bunch of  nice time drops over the weekend.

100 Breast - 20th Place drop of 1.63 for 1:03.89

100 Free - 12 Place drop of 1.03 for a 48.62

200 Fly - Drop of 5 for 2:02.98

200 Free - 6th Place drop of 2.81 for a 1:46.43

50 Free - 17th Place drop of .5 for 22.65

100 Fly - 11th Place drop of .89 for 53.67

Relays - He was a key player in all his relays this meet.


Lily Garcia (66 points)

Lily did not do exactly what she wanted her, but is definitely moving back in the right direction after some stagnation.  The pendulum is moving back to where it should be and now a reset for Sectionals.

100 Breast - 3rd Place drop of .21 for a 1:06.7

100 Free - 11th Place for 54.48

100 Back - WAG Champion with a time of 58.1

50 Free - 2nd Place drop of .04 for a 24.23

100 Fly - 6th Place drop of .94 for 59.56

Relays - Was a key player in all the relays this meet.


Atom Hashimoto 

Though Atom did not get on the scoreboard in his individual events, he had time drops in 100% of his races and definitely pulled his weight in the relays.  Keep it up Atom!

400 IM - 21st Place drop of 3.21 for a 4:29.9

100 Breast - 24th Place drop of 1.3 for a1:04.7

100 Back - 27th Place drop of .71 for 58.70

200 Fly - 22nd Place drop of .71 for a 2:05.5

200 Breast - 30th Place drop of 2.34 for a 2:24.1

100 Fly - 32nd Place drop of .99 for a 56.27

Relays - Was a key player in all the relays this meet.


Sean Keegan (67 Points)

Sean had a great meet, especially coming off such a huge KP.  His 400IM time just off a Futures cut. He could do a better job being team gear and checking in with the coaches however:)

400 IM - WAG Champion, drop of 4 and went a 4:08.4.  Just off a Futures Cut.

200 Back - 7th Place with a small add, going 1:57.6

500 Free - 6th Place and on his best from KP at 4:46.9

200 IM - 8th Place and a small add at 2:01.8

200 Free - 8th Place at 1:46.9

50 Free - 22nd Place drop of .63 for a 22.85

Relays - Was a key player in his relays this meet.


Emma Koehler (20 points)

Emma has a great attitude and is a team player.  We are still working on moving those long limbs of hers a little quicker. She had a full menu of races, plus relays and did a great job all weekend. When it clicks for her, look out.

400IM - 7th Place with a time of 4:42.9

100 Breast - 5th Place with a time of 1:08.1

100 Back - 13th Place drop of 1.82 for a 1:01.6

200IM - 12th Place for a 2:14.8

200 Breast - 13th Place for a 2:31.2

50 Free - 14th Place drop of .44 for a 25.34

Relays - Ema Played a key role on all her relays


Ethan Smith 

Ethan just keep chipping away at it.  He had some good swims and lots to learn from them.  Great team player and teammate. Can't wait to see the next big test for him.

200 Back - 28th Place drop of .1 for 2:13.5

100 Free - 33rd Place drop of .32 for a 50.46

200 Free - 43rd Place drop of 1.5 for a 1:52.37

50 Free - 23rd Place  for a 22.86

100 Fly - 43rd Place drop of .1 for 58.04

Relays - Was a key player in all his relays this meet.


Zack Yakubik (91 Points High Point for the boys)

Continues to be tough and get up and race every opportunity he has - no matter how close the races are or even if he has a couple relays right before him. There's a lot to be said about this kind of toughness and we're hopeful other swimmers can learn from his example. True Grit.

400IM WAG Champion, massive 5.48 drop with a time of 4:08.1.  Just missed his futures cut but got himself ranked 15th in the country for that swim.

200 Back - WAG Champion, .92 drop with a time of 1:54.59

500 Free - 2nd Place, drop of 3 seconds for a 4:46.2

100 Back - 2nd Place, drop of .99 for a 54.90

200 Free - 2nd Place, just off his best, for a 1:47.1

Relays - Zack played a key role in all the 13/14 boys relays


Tyler Yeomans (28 Points)

His mental toughness work is finally paying off and he displayed what he does at practice every day - Tyler showed up to race! Way to go, now let's keep it going - you deserved to have some good races.  Good Job!!!!!

200 Back - 4th Place with a drop and first time under 2:00 with a 1:58.6

100 Breast - 18th Place and a .97 drop for a 1:03.7

100 Back - 5th Place and .90 drop for a 54.02

200IM - 14th Place drop of 1.85 for a 2:01.5

50 Free - 16th Place drop of .73 for a 22.6

100 Fly - 100 Fly 38th place small add

Relays - Tyler played a key role on all his relays.


At the beginning of the season, the Senior 4 group spelled out their core values: teamwork, accountability, positivity.  Their commitment to these values, along with their commitment to individual and team excellence led to a memorable group performance at the WAG Champs meet.  Although the weekend was certainly not without hiccups, this group of young women and men were at their best when their best was demanded.

Shout out to Macie Campbell (100 Free), Brad Diaz (200 Fly) and Sierra Suelzle (200 Breast) for achieving their first Sectional cuts!

Another shout out for new team records by Brad Diaz (13-14 Boys 1650 Free) and Kennedy French (13-14 Girls 50 Free)!

Macie Campbell (15-18 Girls)
200 Back (16th) - 2:14.86 (-1.29)
100 Free (6th) - 53.25p (-1.33) Sectionals time!
500 Free (6th) - 5:15.38
100 Back (10th) - 1:01.25p (-3.30)
200 Free (EX) - 1:58.40
100 Fly (13th) - 1:00.67 (-0.72)
800 Free Relay (3rd)
200 Free Relay (4th)
400 Medley Relay (6th)
200 Medley Relay (1st)
400 Free Relay (2nd)

Emma Chang (15-18 Girls)
200 Back (7th) - 2:11.12 (-0.57)
100 Breast (6th) - 1:08.61p (-0.16)
100 Back (9th) - 1:01.34
200 IM (24th) - 2:17.73 (-2.30)
200 Breast (9th) - 2:30.44p (-2.53)
200 Free Relay (9th)
400 Medley Relay (6th)
200 Medley Relay (8th)
400 Free Relay (10th)

Matthew Cullen (13-14 Boys)
200 Back (9th) - 2:07.69 (-5.26)
1650 Free (12th) - 17:39.80 (-15.24)
500 Free (13th) - 5:06.73 (-8.61)
100 Back (11th) - 59.78 (-1.52)...went 58.00 (-3.30) in swim-off!
200 Free (27th) - 1:56.02 (-0.13)
1000 Free (7th) - 10:24.39 (-13.31)
800 Free Relay (2nd)
200 Free Relay (13th)
400 Medley Relay (9th)
400 Free Relay (11th)

Brad Diaz (13-14 Boys)
400 IM (5th) - 4:21.88 (-6.36)
1650 Free (3rd) - 16:49.54 (-1:14.88)...Team Record!
200 Fly (1st) - 1:57.92 (-4.37) Sectionals time!
200 IM (4th) - 2:04.27 (-4.27)
200 Breast (13th) - 2:25.17
100 Fly (29th) - 59.12
800 Free Relay (2nd)
200 Free Relay (3rd)
400 Medley Relay (4th)
200 Medley Relay (4th)
400 Free Relay (4th)

Jerome Emery (15-18 Boys)
400 IM (16th) - 4:26.81 (-9.52)
100 Breast (26th) - 1:05.06 (-1.59)
1650 Free (11th) - 17:03.05 (-48.43)
500 Free (23rd) - 5:00.06 (-7.18)
200 Free (33rd) - 1:50.61 (-2.23)
1000 Free (13th) - 10:12.79 (-32.94)
800 Free Relay (9th)
200 Free Relay (14th)
400 Medley Relay (6th)
200 Medley Relay (8th)
400 Free Relay (16th)

Kennedy French (13-14 Girls)
100 Breast (15th) - 1:11.40
100 Free (2nd) - 53.49 (-1.29) Sectionals time!
200 Fly (3rd) - 2:08.04 (-2.04) Sectionals time!
200 IM (10th) - 2:15.20 (-1.01)
50 Free (1st) - 24.17 (-0.80) Team Record!
100 Fly (4th) - 58.37 (-0.80) Sectionals time!
800 Free Relay (2nd)
200 Free Relay (3rd)
400 Medley Relay (4th)
200 Medley Relay (5th)
400 Free Relay (3rd)

Mekaela Kaji (13-14 Girls)
400 IM (11th) - 4:55.73
200 Back (4th) - 2:10.30
100 Back (4th) - 59.92 (-1.48)
200 Fly (13th) - 2:17.52
200 IM (28th) - 2:22.36
100 Fly (11th) - 1:00.74 (-2.39)
200 Free Relay (15th)
400 Medley Relay (4th)
200 Medley Relay (5th)
400 Free Relay (22nd)

Elliot Kim (13-14 Boys)
100 Breast (4th) - 1:02.84 (-1.15)
100 Free (14th) - 51.92
100 Back (21st) - 1:01.56 (-1.16)
200 IM (19th) - 2:08.85 (-2.63)
50 Free (7th) - 23.53 (-0.64)
100 Fly (27th) - 59.00 (-0.54)
800 Free Relay (10th)
200 Free Relay (3rd)
400 Medley Relay (4th)
200 Medley Relay (4th)
400 Free Relay (4th)

Rayen Lin (13-14 Boys)
400 IM (8th) - 4:24.57 (-1.25)
200 Back (6th) - 2:06.09 (-2.29)
100 Back (7th) - 57.41 (-1.86)
200 IM (8th) - 2:05.13 (-0.69)
200 Breast (5th) - 2:17.60
800 Free Relay (2nd)
200 Free Relay (3rd)

Abbie Maemoto (15-18 Girls)
100 Breast (20th) - 1:12.31 (-0.86)
100 Free (37th) - 57.32
100 Back (32nd) - 1:05.52 (-0.24)
200 IM (39th) - 2:22.21
50 Free (40th) - 26.48
100 Fly (38th) - 1:05.18
800 Free Relay (9th)
200 Free Relay (4th)
400 Medley Relay (7th)
200 Medley Relay (8th)
400 Free Relay (10th)

Claire Murray (13-14 Girls)
200 Back (5th) - 2:12.02 (-3.44)
100 Free (7th) - 54.17p (-0.13)
100 Back (11th) - 1:03.25 (-1.53)... went 1:01.26 (-3.52) in swim-off!
200 Fly (9th) - 2:12.95
200 Free (7th) - 1:57.38 (-0.97)
100 Fly (9th) - 1:00.02 (-0.05)
800 Free Relay (2nd)
200 Free Relay (3rd)
400 Medley Relay (4th)
200 Medley Relay (5th)
400 Free Relay (3rd)

Sarah Quayle (15-18 Girls)
100 Breast (15th) - 1:11.28 (-1.80)
100 Free (41st) - 58.02
100 Back (16th) - 1:02.59 (-1.46)
200 IM (18th) - 2:16.64 (-3.36)
200 Breast (16th) - 2:33.48 (-3.14)
100 Fly (15th) - 1:01.02 (-0.49)
800 Free Relay (9th)
200 Free Relay (9th)
400 Medley Relay (7th)
200 Medley Relay (11th)
400 Free Relay (10th)

Bobbo Rogers (15-18 Boys)
400 IM (26th) - 4:39.92 (-6.52)
200 Fly (34th) - 2:13.06 (-4.24)
50 Free (46th) - 23.88 (-0.32)
800 Free Relay (12th)
200 Free Relay (14th)
400 Free Relay (16th)

Sierra Suelzle (13-14 Girls)
400 IM (5th) - 4:42.91
100 Free (20th) - 56.51
100 Back (9th) - 1:01.39p (-4.66)
200 IM (8th) - 2:13.35p
200 Free (15th) - 2:01.54 (-0.58)
200 Breast (4th) - 2:26.50 (-1.47)
800 Free Relay (2nd)
200 Free Relay (3rd)
400 Medley Relay (6th)
200 Medley Relay (5th)
400 Free Relay (10th)


Great job Senior 3 on an awesome WAG, leg day (every day) definitely paid off as lack of kicking was hardly an issue this weekend.  There were a lot of things done really well.  I was impressed with our ability to keep our heads down flags to wall and touch people out.  We did a good job on splitting longer races, those that have worked on underwaters it paid off big time and tempo on backstroke was great (thank you tempo trainers!).  Still some work to do on attacking the walls, getting off the blocks quickly and relay exchanges... :( but overall I was beyond impressed.  Enjoy your break, congrats to those moving up a group (Kate, Katelyn and Yuri) and we have work to do for Pac Champs/Spring JOs!    

Andrew Bonelli:  Andrew had an outstanding meet of all best times, going 55.1 in his individual 100 free and then managing 54.0s in two relays.  Andrew dropped another 6 in his 500 just off the Spring JO time but managed to nab the JO times in both his mile and 1000 with an impressive 30 sec drop.  Andrew also went sub 2 min for the first time in his 200 free.

Trent Bowels:  Trent also had all best times dropping another 10 seconds in his mile, snagging Spring JOs in his 200 back with a 2:12 and dropping under 2 minutes on his 800 relay split.  Trent managed to go 1:01 low twice in his 100 back, nabbed JOs in his 1000 and dropped 3.5 seconds in his fun event of the 200 breast.

Tabi Brown:  Tabi was a huge help on relays going 28.1 in the 200 free relay and 32.0 for her 50 back leadoff.  Tabi also had a best 100 free time of 1:01.3 in the 400 free relay.

Maya Chou:  Maya showed up to race and her hard work paid off dropping 1.6 in her 200 back for a 2:20.9 and a 2 sec drop in her 100 back going 1:05.  Maya was right on her best 200 IM and 100 fly time but had an awesome 200 fly splitting it very well for a 4.5 sec drop.  

Lauren Donnelley:  LoDo started off with a huge drop in her 200 back going 2:16 and snagging a new Spring JO time and then came back to race her 100 free going 55.37 and making it back for finals.  At finals she moved up a place finishing 9th with a 54.88.  LoDo dropped a bit in her 500 on Saturday and was very helpful on the relays.  She dropped a tad in her 200 free for another JO time and then quickly raced the 50 free shortly after going 26.0  LoDo finished up WAG with another JO time in her 1000 going 11:27 and a 10th place finish.

Matthew Frey:  Matthew put together a solid weekend despite coming off a break from an injury.  He dropped .71 in his 100 breast going 1:11 for the first time.  His 500 wasn't awesome but he did manage a 25.3 on his 200 free relay and an impressive 54.8 anchoring the 400 medley relay.  Matthew had a bit of a rough 200 free as well but dropped a bit on his 200 breast for a 2:37.  Matthew again helped on relays Sunday including a 33 50 breast split.

Ryan Haddad:  Ryan started off with a great 400 IM (4.40.99 and a Spring JO cut) and it will continue to get better as he learns how to swim this.  He came back later that morning for another JO time in his 100 breast going 1:06 for the first time.  Ryan had a 4.6 sec drop on his 200 IM for a 2:10 and a 3.7 sec drop on his 200 breast going 2.25.00 and grabbing two more JO times.  Ryan was also extremely helpful on all the relays.

Kate Kramer:  Kate had an outstanding meet dropping a bit in her 100 free going 56 for the first time with a 56.88 and a new Summer JO time.  She also dropped in her 200 fly nabbing another JO time going 2:26.  Kate was also very helpful in all the relays replicating her times and showing she can sprint when needed.  Her best swim of the meet was her 1000 on Sunday when she dropped 20 seconds from just two weeks ago going 11:14 with mostly awesome walls.

Madie Malone: Madie came and swam the 50, 100 and 200 free and was a bit off her best times from earlier in the season but with the hard work this girl puts in I have no doubt everything will come back down soon.  Madie swam on all 5 relays and anchored with a 26.1 50 free split for a best time on that.

Mason McEwen:  Mason put together a great 200 breast dropping 3.7 seconds and grabbing new JAG and Summer JOs in that.  He also split a 31 50 breast on the medley relay which should set him up nicely for his next 100 breast.

Jazi Mesina:  Jazi had an outstanding weekend and showed herself what she can do when she decides to race!  She dropped 3.5 seconds in her 100 breast at prelims going 1:10 then came back at finals to drop to a 1:09.9 and an 8th place finish.  Jazi also had a great 200 fly on Saturday with another 6 second drop from Last Ditch.  Jazi also made it back in the 200 breast after a 6 second drop going 2:32.5 and finishing 10th.  She also showed she can swim freestyle splitting 27.1 on a 200 free relay and going under a minute for the first time leading off the 400 relay with a 59.5!

Katelyn Nimsky:  Katelyn was coming off the Lifesaving World Championships in Australia with a weird taper/jet lag but was extremely helpful on relays for the team.  She was right on her best 200 free time individually but had a 57.0 split in the 400 free and had a 5 second drop in her 100 breast split on the medley going 1:15.

Yuri Onimura:  Yuri was on fire!  Racing, destroying people off the walls, and then racing some more.  Yuri dropped a 2.8 in her 200 back for a 2:18 and dropped .7 in her 100 free for a 55.3.  She grabbed a new JAG time in her 100 back going 1:02.2 along with a 5 sec drop in the 200 IM for a 2:16.9.  Her 50 free on Sunday was awesome going 25.3.  Most impressive were her relay performances where she was 24.9 on an anchor leg and 54.6 on the 400 free relay.

Emily Pitman:  Emily also still fighting an arm injury was right on her best 50 free times both individually and on the 200 free relay.  Emily leadoff the 400 free relay with a 58.89 creeping closer to getting back where she was.

Reagan Santa Ana:  Reagan had a fantastic meet of all best times.  She started off with a 2.6 second drop in her 100 breast and a new Spring JO time going 1:11.9 and then another 2 second drop in her 100 free going 55.9 for a second JO time.  Her 200 fly she dropped over 7 seconds going 2:22 for a third Spring JO cut.  She had a small drop in her 200 IM as well as a .7 drop in the 50 free going 26.03.  Best race of the meet was last going 1:00.9 in her 100 fly for a 4th Spring JO time.  Reagan was also a huge help on relays. 

Kiku Shirakata:  Kiku was a bit off her best time in her 200 fly but did a good job using her walls.  Kiku was also helpful on the 200 free relay anchoring with a 27.6.  

Andreea Soricut:  Andreea may be my swimmer of the meet.  Few work as hard as this girl and it finally paid off big time at WAG.  Andreea snagged her first Championship cut back at IMX in the 200 fly.  This weekend she may have taken it out a bit fast (1:05...) but still had an epic 7 second drop going 2:24.8 and grabbing a Summer JO cut.  Andreea came back that night to split a 1:05 again on the medley relay in the 100 fly.  Leading off the 400 free relay she went a best time of 57.16.

Jason Weiss:  Huge thanks to Jason who was able to fill in Friday night in an 800 free relay spot!  Jason also put together a nice 200 fly dropping 1.23 going 2:14.  Jason was right off is best 100 fly time with a 57.67.

Katie Wrigley:  After a bit of a fight with a new suit Katie was able to put together a nice weekend.  She's worked hard on the details and it is starting to show.  She dropped under 5:00 for the first time in the 400 IM going 4:56 and a JAG cut.  Also dropped 4 secs in the 200 fly splitting it very well going 2:17.  She dropped a smidge in her 200 IM and 100 fly going 1:02.88 and also had a 2 sec drop in the 200 breast going 2:37.7  Katie was also a big help on the 200 free and 400 medley relays.

Michael Yaccarino:  Michael had a bit of an add on his 100 free but dropped under 24 for the first time in the 50 going 23.92.  Michael was a huge help on the freestyle relays including a 51.8 and 23.3 split.  



Senior 2 has had an amazing short course season. I am so proud of all of them, not only for their results at past 3 meets but their training habits, process goals, work ethic, and pure hard work that they all put in this season. It's a testament that hard work brings results. 

Senior 2 sent and impressive compliment of 10 swimmers to WAG this year. They are: 

Kira Rusalov, Camden Strickfaden, Nicole Ungaro, Austin Morse, Kyle Capili, Elaine Shin, Patrick Melia, Griffin Colomer, Sanoja Sridevan, and Emma Beretta. 

As for relays Elaine, Emma,  Nicole, Austin, Kyle, Camden, Kira, Patrick, and Griffin competed in relays. Some of these were stand out swims, but given their order in the relays they will need a do-over for an official time. Either way, they had tons of fun and really brought their A game! 

Individual Event Highlights:

Camden Strickfaden

Stand out swims as follows:

100free 49.55 (2.13 sec drop) JAG & Sr. Dev cut

50 free 23.10 JAG, Sum JO, & Sr. Dev cut


Kira Rusalov

Here stand out swims are as follows: 

200 Back 2:19.61 (4.63 sec drop) 

200 Breast 2:36.60  (2.32sec drop) 0.01sec off Sr Dev

200 IM 2:20.69 (.93 sec drop)

50free 26.97 (3.41sec drop)


Griffin Colomer, 

He had one of his best meets: 

400IM 4:44.67 (1.38 sec drop)

200Fly 2:09.11 (5.62 sec drop) Sum JO


Kyle Capili stand out swims:

400 IM 4:52.42 (8.92 sec drop) JAG & Sum JO

200 Back 2:16.86 (3.56 sec drop) JAG &Sum JO

200 Fly 2:21.16 (3.74 sec drop) JAG &Sum JO


Austin Morse stand out swims:

400IM 4:50.53 (9.42 sec drop) JAG & Sum JO

200 Breast 2:28.78 (6.21 sec drop) Spr JO

100 Breast 1:10.63 (.24 sec drop) JAG &Sum JO


Nicole Ungaro

200 fly 2:28.52 (2.40 sec) JAG &Sum JO


Patrick Melia

100 back 59.13 (1.25 sec drop) Sum JO


Elaine Shin

200 Back 2:25.75 (.58 sec drop) 


Sanoja Sridevan

100breast 1:17.17 


Emma Beretta qualified for both 50 Free and 200 Fly. She swam her best time for 50 free, 26.56, considering a back injury has restricted her training over the past 5weeks. 


With so many great swims, we are looking forward to the next chapter. Congratulations Senior 2!



Beach 5 was on fire at WAG – so much FUN! Looking over their goal sheets the last couple days, it’s awesome to see how we absolutely crushed our goals --- even with the mid-season resetting of goals! We had many swims achieve Spring JO time standards, even if they’re going to be in the next age group! I lined out some of those in the recap below, but swimmers may have more in other events they didn’t swim at WAG too! This group has a lot of fun together, works well together and pushes each other on a daily. We didn’t address our group core values a ton, or directly I should say (my bad), but when I looked back on the beginning of the season notes, it was cool to see that they stuck to them without even discussing them; Passion, Improvement, Dedication/Hark Work, Fun, Friends/Teammates.  All of the above is what allowed them to have the weekend they did and I am so proud of them as their coach!

Emery Arnold (58 points plus relays): Emery brought the right focus and energy to the meet and it turned into 5 out of 6 best times! Emery was most proud of going under :26 in the 50 Free for the first time (25.87) even though she knows her turn could have been better so can’t wait to get after it again. From WAG results, she added achieved a Spring JO time in the 50 Free for 13-14 year olds…Great weekend Emery!


Molly Beetner (41 points plus relays): Mol had a rough start to the meet but turned it around and finished it out extremely strong. Her teammates were most proud of her FAST fly leg in the 400 Medley Relay and how close she was to catching the MVN kid. From WAG events, she achieved Spring JO times in the 50/100/200 Free, 100 Back, 100 Fly, 100/200 IM…So proud of your ability to stay positive and turn it around Mol!


Fred Brown (relay points): Fred came out to Huntington Beach to swim one relay for the team (400 Free Relay); thanks Fred! Now it’s your turn as a 12-year old to begin picking away at the time standards so that you have a full slate of events next year as well. Looking forward to that Fred!


Mia Crisera (75 points plus relays): Mia had her best overall meet since I’ve been her coach, walking away with 6/6 best times; with two of those being NEW 11-12 TEAM RECORDS (200 Free and 500 Free). Mia was most proud of her 500 Free because she surprised herself with how she swam it and what her final time was. From WAG events, Mia achieved 13-14 Spring JO cuts in 200/500 Free, 100/200 Back, 200 IM…Great way to finish your last meet as a 12-year old Mia!


Elsie delaCruz (100 points plus relays): Els was behind the blocks with a lot of confidence and it resulted in a lot of great results, four of her swimmers were NEW 11-12 TEAM RECORDS (50 Breast, 100 Breast, 100 IM and 200 IM). Els was most proud of her freestyle leg in her 200 IM because her split was closer to her 50 Fly split than it has been in the past. From WAG events, Els achieved 13-14 Spring JO events in 50 Free, 100 Breast, 200 IM…Great weekend Els! 


Sammie Hall (relay points): Sammie entered her first WAG meet as a 13-year and swam like she belonged there! She dropped in 2 of her 3 events on the weekend. Her teammates were most proud of her 50 fly leg in the 200 Medley Relay because she went fast and her gave her confidence for her 100 Fly the next day. Keep on doing what you do Sammie!


Kylie Hamilton (relay points): Kylie really excelled this weekend, dropping time in all of her events, even though she achieved half of them at Last Ditch the weekend prior. Kylie is a sponge right now and hungry to learn and grow. She was most proud of her get out speed in her 200 Breast because it showed her that she can go a lot faster in her 100 Breast the next go around. In WAG events, she achieved Spring JO cuts in 100/200 Breast…Kylie is going to be a fun one to watch in the coming years!


Catalina Kahan (relay points): Catalina had a great season of training and it really paid off in the last month of racing! Her teammates were most proud of her 100 Breaststroke in the Medley Relay as her split was a best time and gave her confidence to get up and race her individual 100 Breaststroke later in the meet. Keep working hard Catalina and you’ll continue seeing the results. 


Mikaela Maemura (61 points): Mikki was not feeling the greatest, but she still raced to the best of her ability for her team, and is now the 11-12 TEAM RECORD HOLDER in the 50 Back and 50 Fly. Mikki was most proud of her 100 Free leg on the Medley Relay and can’t wait to swim it again as she knows how fast she can go! From WAG events, she achieved Spring JO cuts in 50 Free, 50/100 Back, 50/100 Fly, 200 IM…Great season so far Mikki!


Luke Njeru (43 points): Luke was 6/6 for best times on the weekend, even while getting left on the block (we’ll work on those reactions) or losing his goggles. Luke was most proud of his 100 IM because he placed the highest in that event and achieved a Spring JO time along the way. From his other WAG events, he also swam to Spring JO cuts in 50/100 Fly, 50 Free, 200 IM…Keep up the great work Luke!


Jack O'Shaughnessy (relay points): Having just achieved WAG cuts, it’s tough to turn around and swim them again faster. This meet was great experience for Jack to be at now that he’s in the big boy age group and I was thrilled he made a few cuts! He was most proud of his 100 Back because he believes it could have been a bit better had he had a better start. Super proud of how far you’ve come Jack!


Brooke Patel (3 points plus relays): Brooke is a tough kid and that showed as she stepped up and was looking forward to swimming the 1000 Free on Sunday afternoon! She has grown so much this season and it came over before and after every race with a thoughtful plan and post-race assessment. She was most proud of her 100 Free leg in the 400 Free relay as she was three seconds faster than her individual event and is looking forward to swimming it again. Great job Brooke!


Shea Steggell (relay points): Shea came into the meet, fresh off turning 13years old and qualified for three events, and went three best times on the weekend and was FAST on the relays for the team as well. She was most proud of her individual 100 Free because she didn’t have the short course time standard coming into the meet, but got the SC WAG cut at WAG. Keep working on that toughness Shea and you’re going to have even bigger breakthroughs moving forward! 



Beach 4 had four individual qualifiers and one relay only swimmer.  They achieved 11 best times and participated on relays!

Alexander Chun (18 points)-Alex did very well in his last championship meet as an age group swimmer.  He was able to achieve three best times, and was close in his other events.  He also swam on all four 11-12 relays!

Franco Lee (9 points)-This was Franco’s first WAG but not his first championship meet with BCS.  He had two best times and participated on his first relays with Beach Cities!

Andy Pham (1 point)-This was Andy’s first WAG and championship meet.  He had three best times and also participated on relays!

Riley Sheets-This was Riley’s first WAG as well.  She made it her goal at the beginning of the season to make as many cuts as she could and had a full slate of events to swim!  She had two individual best times and a best time leading off the 200 Freestyle relay!

Relay Only Swimmer: Alex Davies


It is always exciting to see young people at their best when “stakes is high” and there were very few exceptions among this very enthusiastic Beach 3 group at WAG Champs in Huntington Beach!

Shout out to 10 year old Peyton Kuo for setting team records in 6 events!

Audrey Bonelli (11-12 Girls)
400 Free Relay (10th)
200 Medley Relay (33rd)
200 Free Relay (16th)
400 Medley Relay (15th)

Eva DelaCruz (11-12 Girls)
50 Breast (41st) - 37.36 (-0.02)
200 Medley Relay (22nd)
200 Free Relay (29th)
400 Medley Relay (15th)

Kaela Hashimoto (7-10 Girls)
100 Breast (22nd) - 1:28.98 (-0.02)
100 Fly (16th) - 1:19.32 (-0.62)
100 IM (17th) - 1:17.96 (-1.00)
50 Fly (23rd) - 35.12 (-0.41)
200 IM (15th) - 2:45.57 (-7.65)
50 Breast (29th) - 42.09
200 Free Relay (13th)
200 Medley Relay (12th)

Delaney Herr (11-12 Girls)
50 Free (15th) - 26.95 (-0.27)
50 Back (9th) - 30.92
100 IM (18th) - 1:07.52 (-1.85)
50 Fly (23rd) - 29.94
100 Back (13th) - 1:06.74 (-1.35)
50 Breast (30th) - 36.22 (-0.73)
400 Free Relay (9th)
200 Medley Relay (9th)
200 Free Relay (6th)
400 Medley Relay (10th)

Kayla Kinsey (11-12 Girls)
50 Fly (29th) - 30.13 (-0.49)
200 Medley Relay (9th)
200 Free Relay (6th)
400 Medley Relay (22nd)

Peyton Kuo (7-10 Boys)
50 Free (1st) - 26.41 (-0.80) Team Record!
100 Fly (1st) - 1:03.89 (-2.48) Team Record!
50 Back (3rd) - 31.33 (-0.88) Team Record!
50 Fly (1st) - 28.00 (-0.32) Team Record!
50 Breast (2nd) - 34.36 (-0.13) Team Record!
100 Free (1st) - 59.04 (-1.42) Team Record!
200 Free Relay (1st)
200 Medley Relay (1st)

Audrey Lie (11-12 Girls)
50 Fly (50th) - 31.97 (-0.17)
100 Back (39th) - 1:11.31 (-0.26)
200 Medley Relay (33rd)
200 Free Relay (16th)
400 Medley Relay (15th)

Isabel Merica-Jones (11-12 Girls)
50 Free (35th) - 27.93 (-1.98)
50 Back (25th) - 32.48 (-0.72)
100 Back (20th) - 1:07.79 (-3.85)
100 Free (22nd) - 59.62 (-1.83)
400 Free Relay (10th)
200 Medley Relay (33rd)
200 Free Relay (29th)
400 Medley Relay (15th)

Abbie Neitz (7-10 Girls)
200 Free (22nd) - 2:33.84
50 Back (11th) - 36.38 (-0.42)
100 IM (21st) - 1:19.24 (-1.37)
200 IM (14th) - 2:44.69 (-9.33)
100 Back (3rd) - 1:15.83 (-3.33)
200 Free Relay (13th)
200 Medley Relay (12th)

Giulia Paganelli (11-12 Girls)
400 Free Relay (10th)
200 Medley Relay (22nd)
200 Free Relay (16th)
400 Medley Relay (22nd)

Adriel Sun (7-10 Boys)
100 Breast (2nd) - 1:15.42 (-2.70)
50 Free (11th) - 29.41 (-0.23)
200 Free (12th) - 2:20.60 (-4.27)
50 Back (7th) - 33.94
100 Back (4th) - 1:11.21 (-2.98)
50 Breast (3rd) - 35.09
200 Free Relay (1st)
200 Medley Relay (1st)

Ian Tumamak (7-10 Boys)
200 Free (16th) - 2:25.77
50 Back (15th) - 36.63
50 Fly (9th) - 34.05
100 Back (10th) - 1:16.09 (-0.47)
100 Free (16th) - 1:07.08
200 Free Relay (1st)
200 Medley Relay (1st)



Beach 2 had four individual qualifiers this year, and five relay only swimmers.  I would like to highlight the relay only swimmers of Eryn Arnold, Mikaela D’damo, and Grant Morgan because without them, we would not have had a 7-10 girls relay, or a second 7-10 boys relay!  We had first time WAG qualifiers in Kotaro Bell, Christopher DelaCruz, and Thomas Romesser.  These individual swimmers, along with Grant He, achieved 18 new best times!!

Kotaro Bell-Kotaro had an amazing first championship style meet.  He had four best times, including leading off the 200 Freestyle Relay.  He achieved his first Spring JO cuts in the 50 and 100 Backstroke.

Christopher DelaCruz (5 points)-Topher was able to achieve best times in all of his six races.  He made his first Spring JO cut in the 50 Fly.

Grant He (19 points)-Grant was coming off an illness the week before WAG.  Despite that, he was able to achieve three best times. He also had some amazing splits in the two relays he participated in, which were both record setting relays.

Thomas Romesser-This was Thomas’s first WAG meet but not his first championship meet experience.  He swam in Summer JOs but let the importance of the meet get to him.  He more than made up for it at WAG, not letting it get to him this time!  He achieved five best times, including his first Spring JO cut!

Relay Only Swimmers: Eryn Arnold, K.K. Capili, Mikaela D’damo, Chloe Haddad, and Grant Morgan.