Team Showdown 2018 - Session 1 Highlights!

The 1st session of the 2018 Team Showdown, which saw the 13 and Overs competing in the 400Free (TF) and the preliminaries for 100Fly and 50Free, is in the books. BAC put together an awesome session of racing highlighted by Emma Cabral winning the 15-16 girls 400FR and Gabby Casasanta shattering her own club record in the 100Fly by a full second!


BAC also had the following top 8 finishes in the 400Free:

Lanny Casasanta - 4th 13-14 Girls

Abby Forster - 8th 13-14 Girls

Marion Denny - 8th 17andOver Girls

Max Dobie - 4th 15-16 Boys


Qualifying for the 100Fly Final which will run on Sunday Night:

Gabby Casasanta - 1st 13-14 Girls

Lanny Casasanta - 3rd 13-14 Girls

Emily Smith - 7th 13-14 Girls

Gabby Eivers - 2nd 15-16 Girls

Angela Marina - 7th 17 and Over Girls


Qualifying for the 50Free Final which will run Saturday Night:

Gabby Casasanta - 1st 13-14 Girls

Abby Forster - 4th 13-14 Girls

Emma Cabral - 2nd 15-16 Girls

Mia Pelletier - Tie for 9th (Swim OFF!!) 15-16 Girls

Angela Marina - 5th 17 and Over Girls


The 12 and Unders are curerntly in action and the 13andOvers are back in action tomorrow morning.


Stay tuned!!