Saturday Preliminaries - Session 3

This morning the 13andOvers were back in action for session 3 of the 2018 Team Showdown. It was another great session of racing for BAC. The morning started off with Time Finals for the 400IM with the following athletes placing in the top 8:


Emily Smith - 4th 13-14 Girls

Camryn Payne - 6th 15-16 Girls

Carter Scheffel - 4th 13-14 Boys


After the 400IM were the preliminaries for 100Breast, 200Free, 100Back and 200Fly. The following BAC athletes qualified for finals tonight:



Gabby Casasanta - 3rd 13-14 Girls

Emma Cabral - 3rd 15-16 Girls

Marion Denny - 5th 17andOver Girls

Alfonso Faria Espinosa - 5th 17andOver Boys



Alanna Casasanta - 3rd 13-14 Girls

Abby Forster - 8th 13-14 Girls

Emma Cabral – 2nd 15-16 Girls

Angela Marina - 4th 17andOver Girls

Carter Scheffel - 3rd 13-14 Boys

Max Dobie - 6th 15-16 Boys



Emma Cabral - 6th 15-16 Girls

Alfonso Faria Espinosa - 8th 17andOver Boys



Gabby Casasanta - 1st 13-14 Girls

Emily Smith - 3rd 13-14 Girls

Gabby Eivers - 1st 15-16 Girls

Carter Scheffel - 3rd 13-14 Boys

Tristan Berridge - 6th 15-16 Boys


After 3 sessions of racing Team Royal (our 13andOvers) currently sit in 8th place.


Team White (our 12andUnders) is in action right now and sitting in 11th.


Updates coming soon!