Session 7 and 8 Highlights!

The final races are in the books for the 2018 Team Showdown. The Sunday afternoon 12andUnder Session and the Sunday nights finals both saw some exceptional swimming from BAC, including 7 Gold medals!


Here is our list of top 8 swims, which once again includes swimmers from every group!


4x50 Medley Relay

Natalia Atkins, Niamh Kukla, Nadia Gillis, Taliah Chen - 6th 11-12 Girls

Digby Berridge, Hunter Payne, Jack Tran, Austin Godwaldt - 5th 11-12 Boys

Sophia Gillis, Jasleen Panchi, Sofia Robertson, Sophie Correggia - 6th 10andUnder Girls

Jack Gollan, Luke Phillips, Eric Liao, Quin Ruprai - 7th 10andUnder Boys

Gabby Casasanta, Alanna Casasanta, Emily Smith, Abby Forster - 2nd 13-14 Girls

Emma Cabral, Marion Denny, Angela Marina, Mia Pelletier - 5th 15andOver Girls

Alfonso Faria Espinoza, Tristan Berridge, Lei Wu, Max Dobie - 7th 15andOver Boys



Gabby Casasanta - 1st 13-14 Girls

Emily Smith - 5th 13-14 Girls

Gabby Eivers - 4th 15-16 Girls

Angela Marina - 8th 17andOver Girls



Hunter Payne - 6th 11-12 Boys



Seth DuChene - 7th 10andUnder Boys



Jack Tran - 1st 11-12 Boys

Alanna Casasanta - 1st 13-14 Girls

Abby Forster - 8th 13-14 Girls

Emma Cabral - 1st 15-16 Girls

Mia Pelletier - 8th 15-16 Girls



Natalie Atkins - 7th 11-12 Girls

Gabby Casasanta - 1st 13-14 Girls

Emily Smith - 6th 13-14 Girls

Camryn Payne - 5th 15-16 Girls

Erin Gibson - 6th 15-16 Girls

Gabby Eivers - 7th 15-16 Girls

Marion Denny - 4th 17andOver Girls

Angela Marina - 6th 17andOver Girls



Jack Tran - 7th 11-12 Boys

Alanna Casasanta - 2nd 13-14 Girls

Emily Smith - 8th 13-14 Girls

Marion Denny - 3rd 17andOver Girls

Angela Marina - 7th 17andOver Girls



Seth DuChene - 7th 10andUnder Boys



Nadia Gillis - 8th 11-12 Girls

Jack Tran - 1st 11-12 Boys

Digby Berridge - 8th 11-12 Boys



Congratulations to our Meet Management Crew for hosting a first class meet!


A full meet recap, which will include a very long peronal best list, will be sent out Tuesday.