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Winter USA CA NV Sectionals Meet Review

2018 Winter Speedo CA NV Sectionals was a success!  There were 9 TTST National Team Swimmers, Hunter, Alyssa, Aaron through relays, and Sam, Kaikea, Kensi, Sydney, Claire and Emma through individual events competing at the meet.   We had a long beautiful drive to SOCAL for an interesting preview of just how fast this SCY season might be for TTST.  From the results, 12 combined TTST age and Open Records, I would say fast so far!

Best times and team records by every swimmer!

Aaron:  100 Free best time

Sam:  100 Free best time

Hunter:  100 Free, 100 Fly best times

Sydney:  Team records.  See below!

Kaikea:  50 – 200 Free best times, 100 Back best time, 100 Fly best time

Kensi:  200 Fly best time

Claire:  200 Free, and 100 Breast best time

Alyssa:  400 I.M., and 200 Breast best times

Emma:  100 Free best time

Here is the recap by session:

Prelims day 1 for Team are done. Good speed across the pack. Emma standout swim of morning in 100 Free Time trail going a best of 53.69. Other best times went to Aaron in the 100 free, Alyssa in 400 IM, and Kaikea 100 Fly, and 100 Back. Kaikea is #1 seed for finals in both events tonight. 

Sydney broke the TTST OPEN 100 Fly and 13-14 Girls 100 Fly record in :58.38. Kensington did the same in the 100 Back TTST OPEN AND 13 - 14 Girls 100 Back by .05 going 1:00.20. 

Kaikea broke his own 15-16 team Fly record and his 15 - 16 Boys 100 Back and TTST OPEN team record. Leaving time out so no jinx in his final tonight were he hopes to go faster. 

Stay tuned for Kaikea in Championship finals 100 Fly and 100 Back. Sam C final 100 Back. 400 Medley relays for Girls and then Boys both chasing TTST OPEN relay team records this afternoon starting at 3:30pm.

Finals. Kaikea best time 100 Fly 2nd Place :49.13 new 15 - 16. TTST Boys record. Sam and Kai had rough last 25’s of their 100 Back, both hitting the lane rope hard. Lane ropes aren’t water and hurt inertia bad or in Kaikea’s case stoppage 4yds from finish. Kai took second sadly relinquishing his large lead with that lane strike. 

Girls 400 Medley Relay was a new Team Record swim with a dominant best time Breaststroke leg from Alyssa going 1:12.00. Total record time from Kensi, Alyssa, Sydney, and Emma was 4:05.01 & .14 faster than their entry time.

Boys relay would have been a team record but they DQ’d an early exchange off Fly to Free due to a timing mistake. Could have happened to any relay for this type of short finish from a Fly swimmer. I suggested a short finish for Fly or Breast if choosing long or short. So I will take the blame on this DQ! 😕

Day 2 Prelims: Kai and Sydney broke TTST Open Records in their 200 Free. Both are hoping to go faster in finals. Kai is top seed in Championship Final and Sydney is in the C final. 

Sam is in the C final of the 400 IM. And Emma is in the C final of the 50 Free.

Best time swims this morning went to Kai in both the 200 & 50 Free, and top seed. Claire in the 50 Free and 100 Breaststroke. Alyssa in her 200 Breaststroke. 

Finals at 3:30pm with Sydney then Kai in the 200 Free. Sam in the 400 IM, Emma in the 50 Free, Kai top seed 50 Free, and finally the girls will try to break another Team Record in the 800 Free relay!

Day 2 Finals. Kaikea took 2nd in both his races. 200 Free was an A for effort going out in best time 100 Free speed at :46 but couldn’t quite hold on for what would have been a win and bigger best time. Still he placed 2nd and his swim of 1:39.64 from prelims is the fastest a TTST boy has ever been. He did post a new personal best in the 50 Free final going :20.95. That was a close 2nd place finish. 

The last highlight swim of the night was our girls 800 Free Relay of Claire (best time lead off split ), Emma, Kensington, and Sydney going an 8:07.80 for a new TTST Team Record! 


Last day was cold for a prelim only session as we had to get on the long drive home at a reasonable hour.  Kaikea did go :45.61 in the 100 Free for what would have been 2nd again in the final.  Sam, and Hunter posted a personal best in his 100 Free as well.  On the Girls Relay the Elwell Twins really took off.  Both posting best time relay splits of :54 for Kensi, and: 52 for Sydney to take down the TTST All Time 400 freestyle Relay Record in a time of 3:39!  Kensi then took on the 200 Fly for prelims and posted a new best time of 2:11.50 breaking the long time 200 Fly Team record for 13 – 14 girls from TTST great Leslie Ajari!

Recap of new TTST Team Records:

Kaikea took down 2 Open Team Records & 4 age 15 – 16 Team Records for swimmer of the meet honors!

  1. 15 – 16 Boys 100 Free: New :45.61 old 15 – 16 Boys Cooper deRyk 46.33
  2. 15 – 16 Boys 200 Free & TTST Open: New 1:39.64 old 15 – 16 Boys Kaikea 1:42.88 Open was Brandon Yong 1:41.33
  3. 15 – 16 Boys 100 Fly: New :49.13 old 15 – 16 Boys Kaikea :50.03
  4. 15 – 16 Boys 100 Back & TTST Open: New :49.31 old 15 – 16 Boys & Open Kaikea :49.66



  1. 13 – 14 Girls 100 Free: New :54.07 old 13 – 14 Girls Sydney 54.40
  2. 13 – 14 Girls 200 Free & TTST Open: New 1:55.52 old 13 – 14 Girls Sydney 2:00.10 Open was Brittany Percin 1:57.03
  3. 13 – 14 Girls 100 Fly & TTST Open: New :58.38 old 13 – 14 Girls Leslie Ajari :59.40 Open was Britteny Straw 58.98



  1. 13 – 14 Girls 100 Back & TTST Open: New 1:00.20 old 13 – 14 Girls Emma Purdy 1:00.69 Open was Niki Kates 1:00.25
  2. 13 – 14 Girls 200 Fly:  New 2:11.17 old 13 – 14 Grils Leslie Ajari 2:12.61

Open Team Relay Records:

  1. Girls 400 Medley Relay Team Record:  Back Kensi, Breast Alyssa, Fly Sydney, and Free Emma went a 4:05.01 to take down the old record of 4:16.89. 
  2. Girls 400 Free Relay Team Record:  Emma, Claire, Kensi, and Sydney went 3:39.34 taking down the old record of 3:49.56. 
  3. Girls 800 Free Relay Team Record:  Claire, Emma, Kensi, and Sydney went 8:07.80 taking down the old record of 8:25.19.