Sun Prairie Winter Classic Success!

The Stateline Aquatic Team had a fantastic showing last weekend at the Sun Prairie Winter Classic.  It was a long three days - but was well worth it!  What a great way to cap off the first half of our 2018-19 Short Course Season.

Below are links to a few meet reports that show this success.  

SPS Winter Classic - High Point Results

SPS Winter Classic - Complete Results

SPS Winter Classic - Results With USA Motivational Times

SPS Winter Classic - Results With STATE Qualifying Swims

For this report - please ignore the header and the "improvement" column.  I need to learn more from John Carabelli!

  • A "WISC" means the time is a Wisconsin State Qualifying Time
  • A "WI25" means the time is within 2.5% of the Wisconsin State Qualifying Time - MOTIVATION!
  • A "WI50" means the time is within 5.0% of the Wisconsin State Qualifying Time - MOTIVATION!

Link To Scott's Photo Album For The Meet

Some highlights and comments for each of our swimmers.

Gracie Colvin - While she didn't have the meet she wanted, she and I both learned a lot about our training leading up to this meet.  Whereas last year she absolutely was on fire, this year she felt a little flat.  Gracie did a great job of opening up and communicating with me very well about her goals and what workload she wants and expects in practice.  I consider that a huge milestone!

Magen Franklin - This was a breakthrough meet for Magen!  She joined us in the fall and has been hard at work with refining her strokes and making much needed technical improvements.  The detail work she's put in this fall paid off this last weekend!  She was close to best times in her 500 and 1,000.  She had personal bests in the 50 & 100 Free as well as the 100 and 200 Back.  Magen broke 1:00 in 100 Free for the first time in Finals!  That was a great swim with an even better reaction at the finish!  So great to see the joy for swimming back in this young lady.

Amber Goldhagen - Amber also had a breakthrough meet!  She really attacked all of her races.  Not only that, she was able to make it back to finals in two events, the 100 Breast and the 200 IM.  In her finals swims, she managed to come back and take off more time in both!  Once again, very cool to see all the hard work paying off with excellent results.

Ava Hayes - Without sounding like a broken record... yes, another breakthrough meet!  Who knew what to expect out of her - she broke a bone in her foot in August and missed the first couple months of training.  Perhaps during this time away from the pool healing the broken bone she found her competitive spirit!  When she got back in the water to train she's really been bringing - living at the edge of her comfort level (whereas in the past she was certainly training a little more comfortably).  Taking that risk in practice sure showed up at the meet - she got two NCSA cuts, lots of state cuts and if I'm not mistaken... got a best time everytime she hit the water?!

Ella Hayes - Ella swam well and certainly had a lot of fun!  She had a best time in the 50 Free and was pretty close in her other swims.  

Elena Kitzman - The time right after High School girls season is rough on these kids - both physically and emotionally.  On top of all of that - most of them have the pressure of finals on them as well.  Good to see Elena suit up and go out and race despite not being at her best and having fun with the rest of her teammates.

Jack Kitzman - Like Gracie, Jack was a little flat at this meet.  I am learning that Jack and Gracie are in need of some more intense training.  Jack was able to grab a couple best times and also garned some good experience racing in a prelim / finals meet.

Avery Miles - Avery had a good meet and gained some more great experience in the prelims / finals format.  She was in the "Super Final" in the 100 Free.  She got best times her 100 Free and her 50 back.

Cale Miles - TYR Swim Bag Winner!  Cale won the 11-12 boys 100 IM and took home a brand new TYR bag (which he says he's giving to his older brother Zain).  In addition to winning the bag, Cale rocked some big time drops in his 200 IM, 50 Breast and his 50 Free.

Bo Shields - TYR Swim Bag Winner!  Bo won the 10&Under Boys 100 IM and scored a new TYR bag for the effort!  In addition, Bo was able to get a couple best times and was pretty close on his others.  Bo is new to the team and is learning how it all works - "the practice with a purpose - compete to learn" idea.  Bo is learning that he does in a meet exactly what he does in practice!  And, he knows he wants to do better in meets so is therefore working better in practice!  Can't wait to see how that works out for Bo and other swimmers like him.

Kolby Shields (CHEESE!) - This kid just cracks me up.  Period.  She has been doing a fantastic job in practice - she's really learning how to control that little body of hers.  She was able to score best times in everything but her fly - and that's OK b/c we haven't done a lot of fly... yet!

Lily Shields - BRAND NEW STATE QUALIFIER!!  Lily killed it last weekend.  It was so great to see her grab her own success.  I've been talking to Lily a lot about "the process" and this weekend proved us both right!  In prelims, Lily's 100 back left her .44 off the State cut.  She went to the hotel with a bunch of other swimmers, relaxed and got prepared.  She came back finals and didn't seem the least bit nervous.  Instead of focusing on the cut - we approached that race one thing at a time - nail the start, good tempo, nail the turns, increase the kick and tempo last 50 and the time will take care of itself.  AND IT DID!  She beat the qualifying time by 1.1 seconds!  Not even close at all.  On top of that, she also got the State cut in the 50 back along with best times in every one of her swims.  CONGRATS LILY!

Ryan Shields - Like Cheese, this kid just cracks me up.  He is very sharp and very aware of what's going on (when he wants to be!).  He knows about best times - was dissappointed when he didn't get one - but, is still somewhat struggling with understanding how to get those times.  That's OK - he's 8 and that's what 8 year olds do - he'll get there.

Sonny Shields - I think she was happiest to be able to wear her tech suit as I don't let her wear it that often.  Sonny had a very good meet because of the good work and growth she's been experiencing lately.  Sonny also showed her bravery by stepping up and doing the 500 for the first time!  She went 7:35 which is awesome!  Congrats Sonny - way to be brave.

Zoe Shields - Like her little sister Sonny, she was brave and swam the 1,000 for the first time - notching a time of 12:16.43!  (That's 2 500's at 6:08!)  Her best swim had to be the 200 IM.  She dropped 6 seconds in finals off of a best time that she got earlier in the day at prelims.  How in the world does that happen!?  Honestly - I think she, like her buddy Ava Hayes, is figuring out how to be tough, agressive and resilient!  Additionally, Zoe cracked the 28 second barrier in the 50 FR going 27.46.  Greats swmming Zoe!