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Burbank YMCA Bluefins


You asked and we listened! Throughout the years many of you have asked for apparel for yourselves, siblings, even grandparents, in addition to the swimmers because you love to show your support for the team whether it be at meets or even around your hometown. We are pleased to announce that the Burbank YMCA Bluefins now has an online store, run through Accessorycore, for purchasing team apparel.  A portion of the proceeds will go directly back to the team which will help us to fund the banquet, future team gifts, as well as equipment. *This is different than the Team Gateway Store, run through Varsity Swim Shop, where start of the season purchases are made.  Varsity Swim Shop will still be the team’s main source of equipment (team suit, caps, swim bags, etc.).

Accessorycore currently has over 50 online stores servicing over 300 YMCA branches nationwide.  Accessorycore services orders 1 piece at a time; no products are kept in stock and everything is manufactured for each order. Therefore shipments can take up to 10 days.

Here is the link:

In order to check out, all users will need to create an account (see the top bar on the front page where it says “Create an Account”)

If you have any questions or feedback please contact Teresa Cook


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Coach Taffe and the BYB PAC