Rapids Meet Job Assignments

 Hello Rapids families!  We are hosting a 3 day meet this weekend and we need everyone’s active participation in order for it to run smoothly.  Below you will find the job assignments for each day.  We are not splitting assignments for this meet.  Please look it over carefully, as you have most likely been assigned multiple roles as needed.  Unless you have emailed me ahead of time to let me know that there is a particular session you cannot work, it is your own responsibility to find a replacement if you cannot fulfill your job assignment.  We absolutely could not run this meet without your help and support.  Thank you!  (see job descriptions at end of email)



Computer Table:  Admin Official- Coach Emily, Computer: Ferraro,  Colorado: Coach Kyle

Job Coordinator: Shew

Timing Coordinator: Gelumbickas

Timers (through the 12/u 200s only): Gelumbickas, Giduthuri , Hall, Henderson, Kirberger,  Shaik

Safety Marshalls:  Bucherati (male) and  Millard (female)

Poster:  Nizzardo

Runner:  Walsh

Hospitality:  Young

Alternates:  Pena, Morales, Nieto, Ouloul, Sheppard




Computer Table:  Admin Official- Coach Emily, Computer: Ferraro/Metzker (shadow),  Colorado: Coach Kyle

Job Coordinator:  Barber

Timing Coordinator: Bretan

Timers:  Bretan, Pena, Cadoff

Concessions:  Aiello, Nizzardo, and Millard

Hospitality:  Young and Carter                

Safety Marshalls: Lemma (male) and Kavasansky (female)

Program Sales: Helmke, McGunnigle, Barber

Runners:  Nieto and Ozonoff

Poster: Bucherati




Computer Table:  Admin Official- Coach Emily, Computer: Metzker,  Colorado: Coach Kyle

Job Coordinator:  Kirberger and Morales

Timing Coordinator: Mladsi

Timers: McNeiece and Parkins

Concessions:  Aiello (beginning only), Sheppard, Leonard,  Colligan

 Hospitality:  Young, Shew, and Malgioglio

Safety Marshalls: Rubio (male) and Dexter (female)

Program Sales: Oliveira , Murzinska, Stillway, Mercier

Runner:  Wilk and Borofsky

Poster:  Alba

Heat Winners:  Mike Aiello and Matt Hull

Alternates: Hall,  Dolan, Giduthuri, Millott, Yezersky, Golino, Henderson, Kagtada, Gallant, Glus, Brown, Shaik, Gelumbickas



Computer Table:  Admin Official- Coach Emily, Computer: Ferraro,  Colorado: Coach Kyle

Job Coordinator:  Barber

Timing Coordinator:  Ouloul

Timers: Ouloul and Ozonoff

Concessions:  Aiello (beginning only), Sheppard, Nizzardo, Nieto

Hospitality: Young and Carter

Safety Marshalls:  Goel (male) and Cadoff (female)

Program Sales:   Helmke, McGunnigle, Barber

Runner: McHugh and Lemma

Poster:  McDermott

Alternates: Bucherati,  Goel,  Millard



Computer Table:  Admin Official- Coach Emily, Computer: Metzker , Colorado: Coach Kyle

Job Coordinator:  Adragna and Kirberger

Timing Coordinator: Dolan

Timers:  Yezersky and Lopez

Concessions:  Aiello,  Pinheiro, Turosienski

Hospitality:  Young, Hall, and Millott

Safety Marshalls:  Eannotti (male) and Morales (female)

Program Sales: Gallant, Brown, Gelumbickas, Glus

Runner:  Hardy and Kopchick

Poster:  Frost

Heat Winners:  Adragna and Shaik

Alternates: Hull,  Shew, Kavasansky, McHugh, Borofsky, Dexter, Colligan,  Giduthuri,  Golino, Henderson, Kagtada, Oliveira, McNeiece, Mercier, Murzinska,  Stillway


JOB DESCRIPTIONS (workers should check in with the Job Coordinator on arrival)

Job Coordinator: Check in our team’s workers to be sure all jobs are covered. Email Coach Allison at to confirm who worked.

Timing Coordinator:  Check in timers from our team and other teams.  Report to meet ref if spots still needed to be filled in by teams so an announcement can be made. 

Timers:  Check in at timer’s table.  Time the meet.  There will be a timer’s meeting before the meet starts, run by the meet ref (time and location to be announced at meet).

Concessions:  Run the concession stand upstairs.  Workers may rotate to watch their child swim.

Hospitality:  Help set up food for coaches/officials.  Monitor table.  Offer water bottles to coaches/officials/timers on deck.

Safety Marshalls:  Wear orange vest provided and act as safety marshal.  Prevent parents from coming onto the pool deck (unless working meet), stop swimmers from going into stands dripping wet, and periodically check locker room.  1 Male and 1 Female needed.

Program Sales:   Sell heat sheets at beginning of meet. Bring money to concession stand at conclusion of sales.

Runner:  Collect timer sheets from every lane after each event and bring to computer table.

Poster:  Pick up results at computer table and post to wall.  There are usually two spots where we post: on deck and in the upstairs hallway.

Heat Winners: Pass out ducks to swimmers who win their heats.

Alternates:  You may be asked to do a job if someone needs coverage.