November 20th, 2018 Board Meeting Minutes


Monday, November 20, 2018

The meeting was called to order at 6:30 by president, Nathan Hehr.  Nathan Hehr, Lisa Cole, Yvonne Degraw, Amy Halverson, Matt Murray, and Brian Stroup were present.


Report from NIS/Coaching Update – We have a consistent group of swimmers attending practice.  We have some age-groupers starting to shine and work hard.  The coaches will start working on different skills for seniors to drop time, such as turns.

Treasurers Report – There is $10,115.10 in savings and $7,335 in checking.  Sara made a motion to approve the minutes with a second from Matt.

Secretary Report – Yvonne made a motion to approve the minutes with a second from Lisa.

New Business

Team Suits/Pictures –We are combining the team picture, Christmas party, and a non-sanctioned intersquad meet into one.  The date for this will be December 20th.

Meet # of swimmers/coaches:  We have approximately 30 swimmers regularly attending practice.  Allie is doing well.  She is working on her schedule. 

Home Meet Date – The date of the home meet was changed to June 28th.  Eric has agreed to be the meet director.  We still need to work on a meet director apprentice.   

Fundraising/Swim-a-Thon – Sara Korthals reported that the person in charge of the Swim-a-Thon at USA swimming has been fired.  At this time, no one at USA Swimming seems to know about Swim-a-Thon. 

Brian Stroup has been in contact with Culver’s regarding a fundraiser.  We will be having a NIS fundraiser at Culver’s on Tuesday, January 8th.  Culver’s will donate 10% of their sales from that day.  In addition, Brian has talked with many other businesses that are possiblilities.       

Old Business

Contract with Speedo Renewal – We will not be signing the contract.    

Swim Buddy Program – Friday nights the kids are buddied up if there are enough swimmers present. 

Fliers for Schools – Nathan plans to take fliers to Newman.  We still have not had anyone follow through with getting the flier in the Mason City Schools “Virtual Backpack”.

Club Application – The renewal has been submitted. 

Underwater Camera – Yvonne contacted Eric in regards to the underwater camera.  Eric said the camera was purchased when Jeanette was coaching.  No one knows where it is at this time.      

Next Board Meeting – The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, January 15th at 6:00 PM.

Respectfully Submitted,  Amy Halverson