PCY Winter Invitational Updates & Warm Up Times



 JANUARY 11-13,2019

Miami University Recreation Center 750 Oak Street Oxford, Ohio 45056 

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TIMELINE for Fri and Sat/Sun Morning Sessions:

TIMELINE for Sat/Sun Afternoon Sessions:

Our SPY Swimmers' Entries:

Meet Notes:

>Friday – 9-10, 11-12, 13-14, 15 & Over, Senior

  • SPY Stretch 4:50pm 
  • Balcony Pool 5:00-5:30pm Lanes 3-4
  • Meet Start 5:40 PM
  • Meet Finish 7:45pm
  • BOTH POOLS will be used for Competition
    • ODD heats in BALCONY Pool
    • EVEN heats in SCOREBOARD Pool

FOR 11-12, 13-14, 15 & Over, Senior Sessions

>  Saturday Morning   Sessions 

  • SPY Stretch 7:15am 
  • Balcony Pool 7:25-7:50am Lanes 6-7
  • Meet Start 8:20qm
  • Meet Finish 12:30pm
  • BOTH POOLS will be used for Competition
    • ODD heats in BALCONY Pool
    • EVEN heats in SCOREBOARD Pool

>Sunday Morning Sessions 

  • Be on POOL DECK & Ready to swim 6:55am 
  • Scoreboard Pool 7:00-7:25am Lanes 6-7
  • Meet Start 8:20am
  • Meet Finish 12:30pm
  • BOTH POOLS will be used for Competition
    • ODD heats in BALCONY Pool
    • EVEN heats in SCOREBOARD Pool

For 6 & Under, 7-8, 9-10 Sessions 

>Saturday Afternoon Session

  • SPY Stretch 1:40pm 
  • Scoreboard Pool 1:50-2:10pm Lanes 6-9
  • Meet Start 2:35pm
  • BOTH POOLS will be used for Competition
    • 8 & Under Age Groups in BALCONY Pool; meet finish 6:00pm
    • 9-10 Age Group in SCOREBOARD Pool; meet finish 6:00pm

>Sunday Afternoon Session 

  • SPY Stretch 1:40pm 
  • Scoreboard Pool 1:50-2:10pm Lanes 6-9
  • PARADE of Teams for Pajama Party Theme begins 2:30pm
  • Meet Start immediately after parade about 2:50pm
  • BOTH POOLS will be used for Competition
    • 8 & Under Age Groups in BALCONY Pool; meet finish 6:15pm
    • 9-10 Age Group in SCOREBOARD Pool; meet finish 6:40pm

The invitational will have a “Pajama Party theme with special events planned throughout the meet. A Parade of Athletes for 10 & under swimmers will be held prior to the start of the Sunday Session. The best-dressed team, according to the theme, will be presented a special team spirit award during the Sunday afternoon session. Teams are encouraged to wear colors and combinations that best fit their team and imagination!

coolDECK ENTRIES> There will be no deck entries for this meet. 


Clerk of Course will not be used for any event. Swimmers are to report directly to the blocks. Meet staff will aid all the younger swimmers behind the starting blocks.


  • helping SPY Coaches on the pool deck will be ASHLEY HILL & HEATHER SHAFFERBig Thank you for these two parents volunteering to help
  • Each team is designate 2 age group parents to assist the young swimmers during the afternoon sessions, on the pool deck, to the blocks and in the locker rooms. They must check into the meet in order to receive a deck pass. These are the only parents who will be allowed on the pool deck. 
enlightened1000 FREE

The 1000 Freestyle will start no earlier than 10:30 a.m. on Sunday. Positive check in deadline, for this event, is 9:30 am on Sunday. The event could be limited to the fastest 18 seeded times in both the Girl's and Boy's events. Heats will be swum fastest to slowest. At the Meet Director's discretion, heats may be combined, including sexes.

heartCheck this out for PCY Invitational for Jan 13th and 14th!!!!!!
The Visitor's Bureau in Oxford is providing a FREE shuttle Saturday and Sunday to uptown Oxford

So, leave your car in the parking garage and use the shuttle to run uptown and grab a bite to eat.
Hours 11 AM - 3 PM


WooHoo! PCY Winter Invitational  

starts FRIYAY smiley!!


The meet is big…. BIG…Lots of athletes. In fact, there will be 1266 swimmers, 22 Teams, and over 100 coaches so over 369 relays and 7326 individual swims. This will be one of the largest age group meet in the country.


So, obviously the deck space and team areas will be limited. Our team will need to be sharing area and courtesy to other teams.

SPY Coaches and Meet Management request that swimmers to limit the paraphernalia that they bring. Of course, your swimmer’s items, suits, towels, bags, etc. should be Marked Up with their NAME!

Your swimmer will not have the space to set up camp aka spreading out sleeping bags, blankets, or towels for deck

Spectators in bleachers, please make new friends and space for all.


Time between Sessions

The pool deck opens 15 minutes prior to all session warm ups.

The time between morning and afternoon is precious and tight; so, please do not come early for the afternoon sessions than needed.

The time between sessions is needed by Miami Staff and Meet Management to prepare for the next session.

Miami University does a very good job of cleaning between sessions; yet, our team needs to make sure that we pick up after ourselves all the time. Our team takes great pride in leaving our area clean at the end of each session. 


BIG Reminder of Meet Format Again

Friday & Morning Sessions will swim in two pools, so swimmers in ODD Heats will participate in pool near the Balcony Stands and swimmers in EVEN Heats will participate in pool near the Display Scoreboard.

if you are not familiar with this concept, just be assured that this format is the best way to assure that both pools end together.


Please review it with your swimmer and make a note for yourself, so you actually watch your 11 & Older athlete: 

  • ODD HEATS swim in the balcony pool 
  • EVEN HEATS swim in the scoreboard pool.


ALERT: NOTE CHANGE  to the Afternoon Aessions

Relays will be the FIRST EVENTSnot last - heat sheets will indicate that.


  • 8 & Unders will swim in the Balcony Pool
  • 9-10's will swim in Scoreboard Pool

 Plus, some 9-10 events at the end of each session will be moved to the 8 & under pool - this helps balance the timelines for the pools.




Bring It On!

Beast Mode Activated!