Update for the Week Starting 1/7



A huge thank you to everyone who helped make our meet a success this weekend.  Thank you to everyone who donated items, volunteered as runners, timers, posters, concessions, hospitality or any other job.  Thank you to our officials for tirelessly working the meet.  Meets like this are a great benefit to both our swimmers and the team as an organization.  While they take a lot of work, they are always worth the effort!


Here are the changes for the week:

We have 2 Masuk home swim meets this week so please read carefully.  This is the only week they have 2 scheduled home meets.

Tuesday – Due to a Masuk home swim meet the freshmen, sophomores and juniors are canceled.  Developmental will practice at SCC 6:15-7.

Friday – Due to a Masuk home swim meet the freshmen, sophomores and juniors will practice 6-7 at the SCC.  The pre-senior, seniors and nationals will have dryland 6-6:45 and then practice pre-seniors 7-8:30, seniors and nationals 7-9.

Saturday – pre-seniors, seniors and nationals will practice at the SCC 9-11

The freshmen will practice at Masuk 10:30-11:30 and juniors and sophomores 10:30-12



With the onset of the boy’s swim season getting into full swing with their meets, we will be holding extra practices on some Saturdays.   When we do not have meets, we will be holding practices on Saturday’s at Masuk for groups that miss practice time during the week.  The time slots will be similar to this week and they will be announced in the weekly update.



A size 28, girls Rapids swim suit was found on Friday night in the locker room at the SCC.  Please let me know if you are missing a suit from Friday night.