Championship Meet Order

We have many new families to our team who have asked about how the championship meets are determined. I hope the following helps.  If not, then please email me or call me 210-632-4344.

Championship Meets are from the slowest Motivational Time Standard to the fastest.  Each meet allows your swimmer the opportunity to race other swimmers with similar times.  Each time a faster level is achieved it allows your swimmer to sign up for faster championship meets. To get onto the Motivational Time Standard Chart you have to have a B time.  You look at the chart for Short Course or Long Course depending upon the season.  Short Course is based off 25 yards.  Long Course race is based off of 50 yard races.  We are in Short Course Yards{SC} August-March. Look for your swimmers age and female/male.  Then look for the event.  These are listed in the middle of the page.  The closest time to the event is the AAAA time. As you work out to the edge of the paper you will go AAAA, AAA, AA, A, BB, B.  When I refer to a "B" time it would be times in this column.

To qualify for the B Championship Meet your swimmers time cannot be slower than what is listed in that column.  For an example: Looking at the SC Yards, 10 & Under Boys, 50 Y Free would have to be a 38.09 or faster but it cannot be a 34.49.  If it is a 34.49 or faster than it would be a BB time.

The Jr. STAGS Meet will require qualifying times that are BB Times. These times may be from this year season short course meets or last season long course meets.  They just have to meet the age, stroke and time for your swimmer to qualify.  For an example Look at the SC Yards, 10 & Under Girl 50 Y Free would be between a 35.19 and 31.40.  It could also be between a 39.89 and 35.60 if using a Long Course time from last season, as long as the age requirement matches the time.

The STAGS Meet will require qualifying times may be found on pages 8-9 in the STAGS Meet Information.  If you have any questions please contact me.

The TAGS Meet will require qualifying times that are set by the HOD.  Those times may be accessed via this link. Swimmers may qualify for TAGS through their 14th birthday.  At age 15 or earlier depending upon their times, swimmers will be looking at Section Cuts, Zones and Jr. National Times.

If you have any questions, please email me

Thank you,

Coach Jennie Lou