December Swimmers Of The Month!

Announcing the Mantas Swim Club Swimmers of the Month for December!

The “Swimmer of the Month” will be given to an athlete in each training group; Novice, Age Group, & Senior, at the end of each month. 

Criteria used to award these athletes are:

Practice Attendance

Attitude & Sportsmanship


Meet Participation

Congratulations to the Mantas Swimmers of the Month for December!


Novice Swimmer of the Month - Alexa Tofte

Alexa Tofte is the swimmer of the month from the Novice team.  Alexa has worked hard all season.  At the last Mantas Wishbone meet in November, Alexa swam away with all best times.  One of her greatest qualities…she comes to practice with a smile on her face each day. This makes practice more fun for the teammates around her.  Alexa always works hard.  She has pushed herself this year to be stronger in each stroke.  I look forward to seeing her next competitions and in the future. 

Coach Paul and Coach McKenna


Age Group Swimmer of the Month - Tiana Huynh

Tiana is Age Group's Swimmer of the Month for December.  As a veteran swimmer for Age Group, Tiana is no stranger to working hard. After qualifying for Zones last year, Tiana has set her goals high for this short course season.  And, while she's great at training in the pool, she's also a leader for other Age Group swimmers. Age Groupers look to Tiana for help when they don't understand something, AND when they're looking for the coolest new dance moves. She knows how to swim fast and have fun, which is what we love in Age Group!  Congratulations Tiana!

Coach Daisy and Coach Matt


Senior Swimmer of the Month - Anna Leafblad

Anna has come back from her high school girls season with a drive to improve.  She is consistently at practice and she has shown a clear motivation to want to get better.  Anna is working harder than ever and is challenging swimmers around her.  We love to have Anna lead the lane!  She smiles with her teammates and is always willing to race those ahead of her.  Way to go Anna!  This will be your best season yet!  

Coach Alex