Full Stroke: December 2018


Fullstroke Newsletter - December 2018

High Performance, Gold

Welcome 2019! I hope everyone enjoyed their holidays. December is always a busy month for many reasons, so let’s dive in!

SCAR sent swimmers to both Vaughan and Windsor over the December 7-9 weekend with only a couple of swimmers from the Gold heading to Vaughan along with our Development groups. The Roy Jacobson meet is always a great meet early in the season, providing another opportunity to clean up our skills and ready us for the SC championship season. Anisa captured Silver in the 100FL, and Bronze in the 200IM, 200FR, and 100BR, with Varunen finishing top-8 in his swims.

Windsor was a great success for much of the HP & Gold groups with just about everyone stepping up and performing when it counted at this mini-peak competition. There is nothing like a team travel meet when it comes to building confidence, feeling the support, and swimming fast for you and the team. We essentially had every single HP/Gold swimmer in finals of each session with some very fast swimming on display. While meets early in our season provide test-competitions for evaluation, we swim through these meets. Windsor and Vaughan were our first meets on the schedule we were working towards, and I was very happy to see just about everyone’s ‘A-game’.
Our 13-14 Girls A-Relays of Katelyn-Mikaela-Sam-Claire captured Silver in the 4x50 Freestyle, with the team of Claire-Mikaela-Alyse-Katelyn taking Bronze in the 4x50 Medley.
Asahi – Gold 400IM, 100 and 200BR, Silver 200IM, 50BR, 50 and 100FL
Sam – Gold 400FR, 400IM, 200FL, Bronze 200FR, 200IM
Victor – Gold 400FR, Bronze 200FR
Claire – Gold 100FL, Silver 50 and 100FR, Bronze 50FL
Heidi – Gold 50BK, Silver 100BK
Katelyn – Silver 50 and 100FL, 50 FR
Olivia, Rebecca, Charlotte, Nadege, and Matthew also combined for many second swims and top-10 finishes.

It is no secret that I have extremely high expectations of my swimmers. You will not see high-calibre athletes with an atrocious attendance, poor form with fundamental errors, and an inability to get the job done daily. Yes – the work will be immensely challenging at times. But if you want what you say you want you will find another gear in workout. That’s how you find that next level come competition. I am amazed at how some people can say the ‘right things’ and expect the best from themselves; however, their attendance, body language, and work shows a much different story. Some swimmers get dropped off at the pool for workout assuming they’ll improve simply by showing up. They could not be more wrong. Take a moment and look at the most successful and accomplished people around you. Those who train with good habits and who meet their daily targets are the ones most-often rewarded. They’re training to be better; to be faster. Yes, at times it may be more about learning how to step up and perform, but if you’re more consistent in workout you’ll be more consistent in competition.

An important item to note is the characteristics of young student-athletes. While parents, coaches, and school are all important elements in life, the one component that always wins out are peers. Nothing is more important to young people than their friends, and how they’re perceived. So how do you want to be perceived? The social component to organized sports is an important one but remember this: Challenge each other. Bring out the best in one another. And do not ever let anyone get in the way of your goals. Know when to have fun, and when to have fun by working hard. 

HP-Gold Swimmer of the Month for December goes to: Olivia Baldwin. Olivia brings to the pool each day a consistency required for long term success. Her attitude towards her training, goals, and teammates are that of which her peers can learn something from. Please continue to be a terrific role model for your teammates, leading by example. Well done, Olivia!

As we near the championship season we will be continuing to build on good habits that began in September. I’m very much looking forward to pressing forth as we look to have additional swimmers work towards their regional, youth-junior, provincial, and national level meets. Please keep those weekends open! While some swimmers have a clearer path of currently qualified meets others will need to wait until our SCAR Audi Midtown Winter Classic (January 18-20) for the dust to settle. Once meets are confirmed all coaches will inform their families of their meet schedule. 

Our first Super ('Duper') Saturday of the season was held on December 15 with our complete team working through multiple long-axis (freestyle/backstroke) stations, learning from our full coaching staff. Our Pre-competitive groups of our SCAR Swim Academy also joined in the fun - great job all! Congratulations to Team Patrick-Cassia as they took the first official Super 'Duper' Saturday Team Relay Challenge, winning the very special trophy. These team events are terrific, so thank you all for attending. Our next SDS event will be announced soon, along with our Swim-a-thon date, so stay-tuned. 

Looking ahead, I would like to remind our competitive families that HP/Gold, Silver/Senior Select, and Bronze/Junior Select will indeed be training over the March Break holiday, while our Development groups will indeed use this transitional period to break. While our focus varies during spring break training, it is important our experienced swimmers remain training. 

Best of luck in 2019!

Chris Ellul
Head Coach


Silver, Senior Select

Hello everyone,

December ended off 2018 on a high note, with successful competitions and a team travel meet in Windsor, which had many highlights for everyone. Both Vaughan and Windsor had some great swims from Silver and Senior Select athletes and were overall successful. 

The Windsor meet had its ups and downs as many meets typically do, and offered a lot of learning experience for all athletes. Learning to manage long bus rides, a new sleeping environment, and a different schedule from what they’re used to while still performing at their best is an important skill that is needed as swimmers qualify for higher level meets. Often things will not be perfect, but swimmers must learn to roll with the punches and focus on the things they can control in order to maximize their performance.

There were a few club records broken at both meets by swimmers in the Silver group and are as follows: Mikaela broke both the 50SCM Fly and 50SCM Backstroke records, Karim and Akash both broke the 100SCM Freestyle record in the same time at different meets, and Kosei broke his own 50SCM Breast record. Congratulations to these swimmers!

As we head into the New Year, it’s a great opportunity for everyone to do some reflection on how the season has been going thus far, and think about where they have been excelling and where they have the most room to improve. It’s a good time to look back on some of the goals they have set, and see where they are in relation to those, as well as adjusting and setting some new goals. 

As short course championship season is right around the corner, I’m looking to see an increase in commitment and intensity from all swimmers in the Silver and Senior Select group in order to put their best feet forward at their highest qualified competitions. Our competition in January will be a stepping-stone toward February and March meets, and will be the last opportunity for swimmers to qualify for Central Region Championships. I’m hoping to see some focused, fast racing and have more swimmers qualified for Central Region and Provincial meets.

Swimmers of the month for the month of December are going to Declan in Silver and Charlie in Senior Select. Both of these swimmers showed great focus and commitment throughout the month, and had great performances in Windsor, dropping time in nearly every event. I’m looking forward to how these two swimmers will continue to improve over the rest of the season!

Coach Phil


Bronze, Junior Select

December has been a pivotal month for the Bronze and JR groups. We had a great time with our first away meet of the season at Windsor’s Border City meet. Many of our Bronze and JR athletes had the opportunity to call this their first travel meet and left Windsor having learned about the intricacies of balancing excitement, socializing, and maintaining preparation for competing. It was an excellent learning opportunity for all and I was proud of both the performances in the pool as well as how our athletes handled themselves outside of the pool. 

With the ring of the new year marks our decent into our championship season. This point in your athletes training marks the peak of their short course training in order to set them up for success through their various championship meets. I have already been witnessing some exceptional improvements in our test sets in recent weeks and I am excited to watch these practice improvements translate to competition.

Below I have created a list of swimmers who should be registering in each meet, which will be opening for registration in January. Please register your athlete in any meet under which their name is listed. Please be advised that if any athletes status changes after our Audi Midtown meet, you will receive an email update.

Swimmer of the Month:
Kyler Bellamy will be taking our Swimmer of the Month distinction for December. He has been demonstrating an exceptional work ethic in the pool as of late and his hard work has led to come exceptional performance improvements. Beyond the pool Kyler has always been an exceptionally respectful team mate and demonstrates professionalism as an athlete.  I am excited to see what the new year holds. Congratulations Kyler.

Coach Kristyn


Development 10&U, 11-12 'A groups'

Hello everyone! 

Happy New Year and I hope everyone had a great holiday! 

Over the holiday we were able to have great training at the Pan Am Centre and were able have fantastic time training with the other groups. Although it was a “break” we defiantly were able to work hard through some new kick & swim sets. 

Leading into the New Year there are a few things that I would like to go over that will be able to help us stay on track to reach our goals and to bring out our best potential. The first being the importance of attendance both at practice and at meets. Being able to attend all practices (even the Saturday mornings) will be very beneficial to the progress of our swimming both for our physical and technical needs to be able to compete well. For meets as well it is very important to try and make all sessions of each meet we attend; this will be help us be able to figure out the best way for us to perform at future meets and at bigger championship meets. 

Roy Jacobson Vaughan:
We had an excellent meet up in Vaughan in the middle of December and had some extremely impressive swims from a lot of swimmers. New qualifiers for Central “C” champs from both groups; from the 10 and under group we had Jahnavi, Stone, and Izabella, and from the 11-12 group we had Joshua and Veronica all qualify for their first every Central “C” regional champs! Great work swimmers! 

I would also like to congratulate Hirushi on being the swimmer of the month for December. This past month she has shown great effort in all aspects of practice and has also had an almost flawless attendance. Great work, Hirushi!

Coach Patrick


Development 10&U, 11-12 'B groups'

Hello Swimmers and Parents,

The busy month of December had passed filled with successful events. These included the Roy Jacobson meet, SCAR’s Super Saturday, our Dev’s Christmas Party and finally, the Holiday training to finish off a great year. Great results were shown in terms of every individual’s progression. 

The meet that took place at the beginning of the month was by far the most successful meet we’ve had for the Dev swimmers this season. It was not hard to notice each and everyone’s effort in preparation for the day. Most of our swimmers tried to be on the pool deck ready to do activation 10/15 minutes prior to starting. All individuals were asked what their goals were. With each goal there are specifics to focus on, allowing swimmers a greater chance for  improved performances. Congratulations to Raya for coming in 3rd overall the 10&U for 50 BR and 50 FL, as well as Alice who came in 3rd overall the 11 year old's 50 BR. 

Super Saturday was as super as it can be! All of SCAR were brought together to work on their long axis strokes (Freestyle, Backstroke). Being able to see the team as a whole mingling and working on these strokes together was a sight to see. Witnessing the team share their skills and knowledge to new swimmers joining us from pre-comp was very encouraging as well.

Our Development Holiday Party at @ RH King was a great success!! Coach Patrick & myself decided we'd combine our groups for the event, although our Secret Santa gift exchange was separate. We played a variety of games that were suggested by the swimmers, and I must say, I’ve never seen such a big group of people playing Marco Polo! Our Dev swimmers left the pool with great smiles on their faces… along with a lot of chocolate; all of which they promised not to eat all in one sitting (or so I hope). As we approached the holiday training season, I had noticed a massive change in attendance. I understand that some were away on holidays, but remember: if you can be there, be there! 

We spent much of our holiday training working on their starts, turns, and finishes. Our shallow dives, no breathing on breakouts, fast in & off the walls, 3 kicks to surface of water, and fast finishes were a great focus during these practices. If you were to ask any of them why these things are important and what they can benefit from they should all be able give anyone an answer.

My Dev-B swimmers of the month are Aliya and Alice for December. I can always count on these girls for giving their full attention in and out of the water. Congratulations girls, for showing great sportsmanship and leadership! Keep up the good work.