FAST Mudsock Sunday Schedule

WTSC Families,


Thank you for your understanding regarding today’s cancellation of the FAST Mudsock Classic, and please enjoy the day off to stay home and root for the Colts! The host club has just released the plan for tomorrow, which is on as scheduled unless the storm continues. Should the extreme weather continue, changes will be communicated ASAP.


Again, the meet is on for tomorrow. However, there will be some major changes to the events. In short, all 11&Older swimmers will swim their regularly scheduled events tomorrow (Sunday) morning as timed finals and will return to swim their Saturday events as timed finals in what was supposed to be tomorrow evening’s finals slot. All 10&Unders will swim both days events in one large session tomorrow afternoon. The full schedule and details as provided by the host club are below:


  • Sunday AM (11&Older; both pools) – 7am warmups; Meet starts no later than 8:15am. All regularly scheduled Sunday events including the mile, run as timed finals.
  • Sunday 10&Under – 11:30am warmups; Meet starts no later than 12:30pm. In the east pool will be 10&Under events, starting with Sunday events followed by Saturday events. In the west pool will be 8&Under events, starting with Sunday events followed by Saturday events.
  • Sunday PM (11&Older; both pools) – 3pm warmups; Meet starts no later than 4pm. All events that were supposed to be swum Saturday will be swum in this session.
  • Projected end of the Sunday PM session is 6:30pm.


This format of events is allowed by the USA Swimming rules associated with weather related cancelations and continuations and will allow all swimmers to get in their full slate of events for the weekend.


Again, any additional changes or cancelations will be communicated ASAP after they are received from the host club. Please stay safe if you leave the house. Thank you for your support and GO WTSC!


Coach Josh Saylor