SOLO Meet Feb 9 & 10 @MA HS

These will be the events for the upcoming SOLO Meet Feb 9 & 10 which we will host!

If you would like to pick your events. Take a look and let me know!

Or you can let me pick by just sending me the email at with the day or days!

Please mark your calendar, and lets bring this home town meet with full team support!

These swimmers are already signed up:

Chloe & Riley A, Niaz A, Eden B, Alon B, Lincoln B, Jason C, Lexi C, Adele D, Sela & Tzewa D, Emily F, Ron & Emile F, Kate G, Jackson G, Katie H, Anitra J, Jordan, Mia & Kobi J, Kai K, Nupur & Raina K, Nina & Johnny K, Robbie K, Adrian & Elena K, Kai K, Armin & Sidney L, Julia M, Sevanna & Sabrina M, Aadi M, Tarun M, Drew N, Theo R, Lulu S, Carson S, Kylee V, Alexandra W, Lily, Asher W, Hannah W and Erin Y!!!!

Get on the list and get to practice so we can have great swims!